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Elixir (programming language)

Many code snippets on this page can be pasted directly into the shell. However, when you want to define a named function, Erlang expects it to be inside of a module, and modules have to be compiled. Add your functions to it, save it to disk, run erl from the same directory and execute the compile command:.

Note that the filename has to be the same as the one declared in the -module directive, plus an extension. Elixir too has an interactive shell called iex. Elixir also provides an executable named elixir to run Elixir code. The module defined above can be written in Elixir as:. Erlang expressions are terminated with a dot.

In Elixir, expressions are delimited by a line break or a semicolon ;. Variables in Erlang can only be assigned once. The Erlang shell provides a special command f that allows you to erase the binding of a variable or all variables at once. Elixir allows you to assign to a variable more than once. In Elixir, use the dot.

Since Erlang modules are represented by atoms, you may invoke Erlang functions in Elixir as follows:. Erlang and Elixir have the same data types for the most part, but there are a number of differences. In Erlang, an atom is any identifier that starts with a lowercase letter, e.

Running code

Identifiers that start with a capital letter are always treated as variable names. Elixir, on the other hand, uses the former for naming variables, and the latter are treated as atom aliases. Atoms in Elixir always start with a colon :. It is also possible to create atoms that start with a character other than a lowercase letter.

The syntax is different between the two languages:. The syntax for tuples is the same in both languages, but the APIs are different. Elixir attempts to normalize Erlang libraries in a way that:. In Elixir, the word string means a UTF-8 binary and there is a String module that works on such data. Elixir also expects your source files to be UTF-8 encoded. On the other hand, string in Erlang refers to char lists and there is a :string module that works mostly with both char lists and UTF-8 encoded binaries.

Elixir offers a literal syntax for creating a list of two-item tuples where the first item in the tuple is an atom and calls them keyword lists:. Erlang R17 introduced maps, a key-value store, with no ordering.

Basic arithmetic

Keys and values can be any term. Creating, updating and matching maps in both languages is shown below:. If the keys are all atoms, Elixir allows developers to use key: 0 for defining the map as well as using.

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Elixir supports a literal syntax for regular expressions. Such syntax allows regexes to be compiled at compilation time instead of runtime and does not require you to double escape special regex characters:. In it we define three functions, the first two are made available for other modules to call via the export directive at the top. We work remotely, and our developers have a lot of autonomy. No bureaucracy, just work and fun. Senior Elixir Developer 7 days ago. We are a funded education technology startup looking for a senior elixir developer to help build the foundation of a complex B2B web application and the API supporting our mobile applications.

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Elixir Documentation - Elixir

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