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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Amber , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I so enjoyed reading this one. There is just something about the Royal authors that I just love. There books are always fun, and different. Every book is so unique, you never know what you are going to get. The woman are strong and bold but still very feminine.

The story lines always hold my attention and keep me wanting more. I loved all the history I learned in this one.

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They have a set of clean books and a set of not so c I so enjoyed reading this one. They have a set of clean books and a set of not so clean books. This has behind the door sex scenes but sex is talked about often. This is one of the more sensual ones I have read of hers, but they are forced to marry in the beginning.

Now [Oct. It goes to kindle-black-hole ;- Perhaps some day in the future I will be in a mood ;-. I love a good historical romance, and this one definitely didn't disappoint! Kendra has 3 brothers and the oldest is anxious to marry her off to a duke, while she finds dukes to be the worst of the peers. She's refused every single duke her brother has attempted to match her with and he's at his wit's end with her. While returning to their family estate, their carriage is held up by a highwayman. Kendra was instantly drawn to the dashing man and cannot get him out of her mind. Trick is a duke, but I love a good historical romance, and this one definitely didn't disappoint!

Trick is a duke, but he never wanted the title. His father was a real ass, to say the least. His father took him from his mother's ancestral home in Scotland when Trick was 10 and succeeded in making Trick's life miserable. After catching his betrothed in bed with another man, he's vowed not to marry anytime soon.

He's been posing as a highwayman, under the king's orders, in an attempt to unravel a conspiracy against the monarchy. All that changes when Kendra stumbles into his life. One thing leads to another as they tend to do Her brothers force them to marry immediately, nevermind that they were completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Kendra doesn't know Trick is a duke until after they are married and when she finds out the truth, she is far from happy about it, especially given the fact that she actually liked the highwayman.

It doesn't take long at all for them to realize they have true feelings for each other. As is typical in any romance novel, they have multiple obstacles in the way of their love and trust. I love when a story not only captures my heart because of the romance aspect, but also because of the action surrounding the couple. There are secret plots, hidden treasure, and undercover missions for the king. And woven throughout is their journey of discovery, not only with each other but within themselves. This story captivated me right outta the gate and it never ceased to hold my attention.

There were no dull moments. Both Kendra and Trick were beyond lovable and the supporting characters were great as well, which I find to be a rare occurrence in a lot of books. The story was well-written and just absolutely wonderful! I could have done with a bit less descriptions on some things, like all the details of a room here and there, but I still didn't think those descriptions were overly boring. I would recommend this story to anyone who is a fan of historical romances and it will definitely go on my list of books to re-read. I loveeeeee the Jewel trilogy.

The Chase family is just so damn interesting. Each of the Chase siblings is so unique in their individual interests and characteristics. It's been fabulous following the lives of 2 of Kendra's 3 brothers in the first two books. The first two books offered us glimpses of the firecracker that is Kendra. She's such a fun character, one that I wished would get her own story! When I finished Emerald and looked for the next book I was pumped that it was about I loveeeeee the Jewel trilogy.

When I finished Emerald and looked for the next book I was pumped that it was about Kendra. He is such a mysterious and surprising character. He was definitely multi-layered, multi-dimensional and you never knew what to expect from him next. He's the perfect match for Kendra, as they both buck with the social expectations of their ranks. Trick has this whole secret life as a highway man, doing services for the crown, and completely supporting an orphanage.

Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner 11 Light Brown Amber - Holika Holika

Kendra on the other hand refuses to be one of those Duchesses only good for throwing parties. She wants to better the lives of her new tenants and be Trick's equal in all ways. Their journey is memorable and one excellently written! Set in the s and revolving around the life of a newly-married couple, this book fits aptly into the genre of "Historical Romance".

However, the authors do not limit the story to just that, but have added in delightful elements of suspense, drama, action, feminism, and even a pinch of horror! There are highway robberies, betrayals, disguises, deaths, lovemaking and treasure chests in the same story - so you can guess the expansiveness of the plot. Two individuals with ideologies of their own, pushed into a marriage arranged by family, learn to slowly break down barriers and let each other become part of their lives. It's a long, ardent process that involves effort - changing priorities, rewriting preset perceptions and allowing the self to step out of the comfort zone.

Despite being set so far back in time, these experiences that the couple go through in the story are still very relevant to newly-weds today. The book also teaches some timeless lessons on placing trust and communication as paramount in every marriage. An enjoyable romance - and despite being no. I particularly liked Trick's character, the love story between Kendra and Trick was sexy and romantic perfect for this genre and I found both the beginning and latter half of the story quite exciting - but I nearly stopped almost as soon as I had begun reading after learning the heroine was named "Kendra".

I know this sounds overly pedantic, and I apologise for this, but "Ke An enjoyable romance - and despite being no. I know this sounds overly pedantic, and I apologise for this, but "Kendra" is an American name from the twentieth century - not a name used during the seventeenth century to my knowledge! I'm glad I didn't stop reading it because it was a fun read even though it could have been placed at any other time in history, frankly. Also, the lines from the puritan irked me somewhat, "Are thee going to let him get away with?

Despite these little things, I look forward to reading more by this author! Oct 03, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed-by-me. I read this book as part of 3-part trilogy from BN. Note: It is now book 4 in the Chase Family series. To me, this was a marvelous story. I loved that Kendra Chase had a mind of her and was strong in character which was against the times in s Scotland and England. Royal has a solid grip on the lives and times of those s. Her writing is fluid and she does not resort to adding extra descriptions to the setting or cha I read this book as part of 3-part trilogy from BN.

Her writing is fluid and she does not resort to adding extra descriptions to the setting or characters as I have found in books by other authors. Her heart is set on marrying for love and not for the title of a Duchess by marrying one of the Dukes her brothers have set forth. When her heart leads her to a man who comes from a mysterious background but who is strong, caring, but dangerous.

This man, Patrick Caldwell, often referred to as "Trick" is not what Kendra thinks.

Amber Jewel RETIRED 12222

There is much more but "Hey", read the book. Kendra Chase, sister to Colin Amethyst , Jason Emerald and Ford next series , is being pestered by her brothers to marry. Worse, they keep insisting that she marry a titled man—and after seeing the way dukes treated people while she and her family were in exile with Charles II, she wants no part of the peerage, especially dukes.

They all married for love, but apparently they are not at all concerned that she have a happy marriage.


And just as she makes this discovery the highwayman returns to collect the evidence. Long story short, she conveniently gets wine on her skirt, and he conveniently is helping her rinse it out—in his bedroom—with her skirt hiked up around her thighs, when her brothers charge in. They insist that she marry the highwayman.

She bleeds, and she's convinced that this is a bad fit in all the ways that count. Her brothers and groom conspired to keep this secret from her because of the way she feels about peers. Some loving family. Did he really think she would believe her family would force her to marry a criminal?

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He knows that's ALL she knows about this guy. How would you feel? What would you do? At the very least they would not be welcome anywhere near me for a good, long time. In other words, they would have totally screwed any trust I'd ever had in them—forever. Those relationships would have been forever changed. Neither does this guy.

But Kendra? Well, at least he groveled. And as for hubby—well, if I were her, having been raked over the coals like that, he'd at least have to find me before he could grovel, because I'd be looking for a place where I could deal with the way I felt about his distrust without his interference.

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But Kendra—she makes it easy-- too easy. Four stars. I liked the humor and the history lesson. The fact that her brothers all approved of her marriage to the Duke of Amberley, is already a big thing. This means the brothers have already vetted him for their sister which also indicates that they trust him. So I can not understand Kendra's suspicions of a mistress when there are no indicators that he has one, given that he blames his mother of the same transgression.

His unexplained disappearances notwithstanding, he asked her to trust him. She shou I liked the humor and the history lesson. She should have done that, thus sparing herself from unnecessary angst. Other than this, this book's entertainment value is still very good and clearly the authors did their research and given the readers a surprisingly nice twist about that sunken treasure.

I was all set to not like this and be bored as I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Emerald - I mean how thick can a guy get? But, I was pleasantly surprised by Kendra and Trick. Kendra, the highly efficient and managing younger sister, highly protected by her thick-headed brothers knows nothing of intimacy and is frightened and surprised by Trick and all his maleness.

Trick proclaims he has no need of love, bu I was all set to not like this and be bored as I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Emerald - I mean how thick can a guy get? Trick proclaims he has no need of love, but what he really wants is family. He just doesn't know it.


Anyway, they peel layers off each other throughout the book and the plot really moves along. I slept very well after finishing in the wee hours. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was a very good story of Trick and Kendra. He is her "Amber Highwayman" also the Duke of Amberly. When she discovers his cottage one day, her brothers catch her and Trick in a compromising situation.

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Though nothing is happening, her brothers force her to marry him. She doesn't know he is a Duke until the next day. He is not allowed to tell anyone about this. With our in-house team of designers and workers. We make the designs that are not just exclusive but also suits your style and personality. Our manufacturing, sales services, designing and other units are equipped to satisfy our customers. We strive to make ourselves the best setup for jewellery, personalized service or otherwise from design to finish.

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