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Example below shows a support stand to counter the vertical force so that only a pure moment torque is applied to the wheel nut. When a pure moment is applied to an object, it can be moved to different locations without changing anything - the reactions are exactly the same. This means the total moment can be calculated anywhere on the body and always giving the same answer. This is very handy - we can any location the most convenient one to calculate the total moment. The most convenient place to take a moment is usually the busiest joint - like a pin joint with multiple unknown forces more about this in the next chapter.

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The turning effect torque or moment of the screwdriver is exactly the same in each example above. The applied moment is independent of the location of the moment. So we usually pick a point that makes our calculations easier.

No Song is Safe From Us

First consider the N force. Since the line of action of the force is not perpendicular to the wrench at A, the force is broken down into its orthogonal components. The 40mm horizontal and the 50mm diagonal measurement near point A should be recognized as belonging to a triangle.

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Consider Point A. The line of action of F x at A passes through the handle of the wrench to the bolt which is also the center of moments.

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. - Tiny Buddha

This means that the magnitude of the moment arm is zero and therefore the moment due to F Ax is zero. F Ay at A has a moment arm of twenty mm and will tend to cause a positive moment. The total moment caused by the N force F at point A is Nmm 1.

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Consider Point B. At this point the N force is perpendicular to the wrench. Thus, the total moment due to the force can easily be found without breaking it into components.

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