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Wait, what's a nipple orgasm?

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An inverted nipple is caused by the breast tissue being contracted and pulling it inward , which can be caused by a variety of things, like genetics, a blow to the breast, or pregnancy. If it's suddenly happened, though, the rule is to go get it checked. It may be Paget's disease of the nipple , a kind of breast cancer.

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Does it point to one side where it was straight in the past? These are all cause for concern," says Dr. Elliott, as they can be symptoms of cancer. If inversion happens, see a doctor as soon as you can. Nipples are also quite sensitive things, so soreness may be because of irritation or the lovely condition known as "jogger's nipple. Recommended fixes include better sports bras, non-chafing balms like Vaseline, and covers applied to the nipple area before you exercise.

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It may, however, also be a sign of what's called "contact dermatitis ," or extremely sensitive skin inflamed by some particular substance. If you've got hurting, itchy nipples, think back: did you recently change your shampoo, body lotion, soap, bath oils, laundry detergent, or anything else that could come into contact with your nipples?

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If so, stop it and see if the situation resolves itself. Interestingly, some psychological medications are known to cause nipple reactions.

Various antidepressants, from SSRIs to MAOIs, have been linked to nipple discharge, as have standard anti-psychotics, some anti-histamines, amphetamines, hormones, and some varieties of the Pill. Herbal remedies have also been shown to produce harmless breast discharge in some women, from fenugreek which was, historically, used to promote milk flow and help digestive problems to anise and fennel.

Why are Your Nipples Sore? 10 Nipple Pain Causes and Their Treatment

So if you suddenly discover a soaked part in your bra, think back to whatever herbal fixes you've been taking recently, and always check side effects before you nab something at the market. Many adult women will, when they squeeze their nipples, see some kind of discharge. It's normal; these are milk-making machines, and even if you're not pregnant, you'll likely have a bit of fluid in there anyway. But discharge that's unprompted can actually be a pretty good way of signaling other problems in the body.

This can mean there is a problem. Breast cancer can present as spontaneous nipple discharge, but it's uncommon. There are seven different types of discharge that the breast can create, and the causes depend heavily on which one's happening to you.

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They are: milky, sticky, pus, watery, yellow, pinkish, or bloody. Not as fun as the Seven Dwarves, I know. The milky discharge of anybody who's not pregnant pregnancy is, for obvious reasons, associated with new milk production can be a sign that you've developed hyperthyroidism , a condition of the thyroid where it over-produces thyroid hormones. There are a lot of other symptoms for that , though, so milk on its own isn't a clear sign. In a tiny proportion of people, it may also mean a tiny pituitary gland tumor , inside the gland in the brain that controls human growth and development.

According to Healthline, arousal is one of those reasons because the sensations you feel in your nipples report to the same part of the brain that also gets signals from your genitals. That's why you might find your nipples hardening when you have a sexy thought, or feel hot and bothered. If you menstruate, PMS could also contribute to hard nipples, according to Healthline, and so can ovulation. If your hard nipples are accompanied by redness, chafing, or a rash, Healthline reports your nips might be standing at attention because of an allergy to a fabric or soap that's touching them.

It should also be noted that nipples range in sensitivity , meaning what makes one person's nipples hard might not do it for the next. Aside from making it easier for a baby to breast feed a hard nipple is easier to latch on to , it's not quite clear what purpose it serves when our nipples get hard from the cold, when we're aroused, or in other non-practical situations. While hard nips are a famous sign of sexual arousal, Bustle notes that it's really not clear why that's the case. According to Medical Daily, it's still kind of a mystery why our soldiers like to stand at attention at seemingly inopportune moments.

You may notice the signs and symptoms for a few seconds, minutes or even longer.

How severe is nipple vasospasm? How to manage nipple vasospasm Avoid or to reduce exposure to known triggers. These include: poor attachment seek advice from your lactation consultant nipple damage e. Things to try: Keep your nipples warm. Wear an extra layer of clothing. Flectalon available from the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Why Nipples Get Hard From Cold Weather

Avoid cold exposure or sudden temperature changes. Warm your bathroom before undressing for showers. If the pain continues, you may consider taking supplements or medication. Supplements include: Fish oil capsules containing essential fatty acids or evening primrose oil gamma linoleic may improve blood vessel relaxation.