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The Bookshop

It is unusual in its high staffing numbers and propensity to sell hardcover books. Most books are ordered from the 22 reps who physically come into the store regularly. This distribution channel is the key to getting your book in the bookshop.

Those with the biggest, best distributors are advantaged. The better your distributor is at getting their books in front of booksellers, both online and in person, the wider access to sales you will have. Paul admitted that pure competition makes it tougher for self-publishers and books from smaller distributors to make a big impact on booksellers. Harsh reality. The bookshop also supplies books to schools and so Paul is informed by what teachers are ordering.

The Bookshop (film) - Wikipedia

However, what sells in schools due to the curriculum does not necessarily translate into what sells in a bookshop, so it is vital to know your community. He also follows trends from the USA. Paul looks for opportunities to have conversations about books.

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In the shop this looks like setting up signs around the shop like on blackboards, or tags, things to provide talking points. Paul attends conferences as a speaker each year and he seems to be continually on the road visiting schools.

Short takes

He believes authors give away too much for free and if a teacher is being paid to be in the room, so should an author. Promo tours are a different kettle of fish as they are unpaid but a bookselling and PR exercise. The trend in YA is social realism. Horror is having a resurgence and Paul says that this is a cyclical thing — when times are tough, people turn to horror perhaps to reassure them that things in their life are not as bad as they could be!

Mr Mann - Bookshop

He notes that often the more classical books need resilience as a reader to be able to stick with them because they take longer to build up the story. But of course, this was not the end of the CBCA event! After all the news and networking we had to leave through the bookshop.

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    Funny Face (1957) - (1/3) - Bookstore

    Into this apparent backwater lands war widow Florence Green Emily Mortimer with the innocent desire to open a bookshop — and a very English chaos ensues. It turns out this version of Suffolk is in fact County Down in Northern Ireland , a well-trodden location best known as the home of Castle Ward, the real-life Winterfell in Game of Thrones. The dock itself features in several key scenes, as do the ice-cream-coloured houses along the front.

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    Also taking a starring role is nearby Crawfordsburn, a village on the north coast. Built in and now home to the local council, it makes a dramatic entrance but is used only for exterior shots.

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    With its wood panels and gilding, this mansion is a popular wedding venue, and dates back to the precise period of the book. Coixet followed a similar pattern for most of the interior shots in the film. Like this?