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  1. The Veil. History (Best Of). CD.
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  3. Heavy Heart EP

Please try again. Topics of Razor Apr 18, am. Mike M. Mike M Apr 10, am. Azrael R. Azrael R Apr 9, pm. Razor Apr 2, am. Amine P.

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Amine P Apr 1, am. Bill C. She had only to ask and he would give. Will she find one with Embry and the pack? Why does she hate Embry so soon after meeting him? Why does she want a new start? First time writer long time reader! Still looking for a beta Rated M just in case. DP - Emelia Twilight - Rated: The Dark Angel by painted heart reviews No-body ever thought about who took care of the villains, and who might have helped in the escape of the Joker from the asylum apart from Harley, who you ask? Safe Haven by MoseySunshine06 reviews When a casual girls night out ends with an unexpected bang, the club must rely on Haven to keep them out of hot water.

Can the girl next door withstand the pressure, or will Happy Lowman prove to be too much to handle? What happens when the nomad is forced to stay in one place and entrust his life to a woman he barely knows? Just Married by jaotvdspn reviews Melanie Torres is Luanne's newest talent, but one of Jax's oldest friends. One day, Melanie creates a lie to prove to her mother she is no longer leading the single life, but is going to marry the one Jackson Teller.

What will be the outcome? Will be Set in Seasons Running From Death by theshadowwithinyoursoul reviews A girl who loses everything because of her father is whisked away into sadness, life, and of course magic.

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Soon she falls for two red heads but can she trust all her friends with her secret? After all, everyone hates him.

The Veil. History (Best Of). CD.

He is the reason there is a Boy Who Lived. Lovers of the dark by Dancing star reviews Olivia was turned into an immortal at just fifteen years old. Used as a lure and protection for her coven, the blonde haired beauty captures the attention of the Volturi with her unique gift. And because of the size of the coven she's a part of, Aro uses it to his advantage to lure Olivia over to his guard, causing an unforeseen consequence between two vampires who manipulate it Alpha's Mate by eclairz1 reviews Jacob's story of true love, imprinting, and eternal hope. A story full of twists, turns, and drama.

Rated M for naughty, naughty mature content. Mood boards and ideas on my Tumblr. Coming Home by crazyybrunette reviews Tala meaning wolf Jones never had it easy for her. She worked for everything she got, whether it was school or her family life. Her home life was iffy at best, her parents both being drunks both were unfit to care for her. Tala would never tell anyone though in fear of being sent away from La Push, her home. It isn't until someone catches her father hitting her while drunk one da Twilight - Rated: The Inu and the Okami by VampireBasket reviews Hana Inuzuka is used to her brother bringing in stray animals to her veterinary clinic, but when he discovers a lone, female injured wolf in the Fire Country forest, they realise he may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew this time.

All is never just as it seems KibaxOC, Rating for language. Sophie was a regular girl from our world. After getting into a car crash that ended up in her being in a coma, she wakes up into the Twilight Universe as the human sibling to the Cullen's. Never was and Never will be by Men's Dormitory reviews Milly is a girl with a lot of insecurities. She had so much trauma in her life that she could not trust anyone.

She disconnected from society and pushed everyone she loved away. What happens when she returns to her childhood summer home at La Push and meets with her past friends? Will Jacob be able to accept the imprint or will he break Milly more? Miracles by GraceRoyal reviews When I died I imagined pearly white gates, not being thrown in head first into a book series that my parents were into. Things couldn't get any worse for me Under the Red Sky by Mentallyconfusedidiot reviews "Love makes us sick, haunts our dreams, destroys our days.

Love has killed more than any disease. Queen of the Crossroads by SlytherinPrefect reviews Hekate felt that the universe just loved to play jokes on her. Her mother somehow got into mythology while pregnant. Since she was born on Halloween, she was named after the Goddess Hekate. She has all of Hekate's powers, she can touch someone and kill them, she can see ghosts. Then the universe decided to make her the mate to three vampire kings.

She never got a break it seemed. Blaire takes it in stride, enjoying time spent with her family and childhood friends, like Bella Swan. But when weird things start happening in the sleepy town, Blaire wonders if Jasper Hale, local hottie and pro enigma, knows something she doesn't. After her mother's death on year 18th birthday Alex is sent away to live with the Cullen's. Moving to forks things seem to get increasingly difficult when Bella Swan comes into the picture and Alex find herself falling apart at the seams.

The only thing keeping her together it seems is her Mate: A Dream of A King by Nevelyna reviews When Aria Heart falls down into a snow-covered forest, she immediately believes that she's in a dream Her father, Frost and her 'uncle', The Joker are trying to find her.

Heavy Heart EP | The Veil

After being offered a deal that will give her privileges if she joins the Squad, she agrees and meets her match in Deadshot. A Chance Encounter Fred Weasley x OC by sparrowlina reviews When a new worker steps into the lives of Fred and George Weasley, it isn't hard to see that she blends in seamlessly with the twins and their pranking natures. What happens when one twin falls hard and they all get tangled into her family matters?

I was asked to witness the growth of Renesmee Cullen, who the Volturi thinks is an immortal child. I said yes, because The Cullen's are old friends of mine. I didn't think that while doing so, I would find my mate upon the Volturi guard. I guess life is full of surprises. My Fred by writergal32 reviews There are certain expectations that come with being a Wimsbly. A Wimsbly gets good grades, is polite, and certainly doesn't deal with any nonsense, but Eleanor Wimsbly has different plans. Plans that include two red-headed boys and a dark family secret.

Paul's Imprint Story by teamrenesmee88 reviews Paul has no interest in imprinting, but when he meets blonde, beautiful and broken Scarlett he does just that. Abused and afraid, Scarlett is on the run from her past, and Paul will do anything to save her from the danger that is chasing after her. Begins as T rating but becomes M later!

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Maheegan by Dancing star reviews Eleanora Rivers isn't the prettiest girl, and she knows this, as she sits in Forks hospital, each dying breath bringing her towards her last, but when she'd forced to join the public school on the reservation, she finds she may just have found that half of her soul she knows has always been missing. They don't mind sharing and actually prefer it, but what happens when they like the same girl? It's complicated by banshee-hime reviews Kiba figured he'd become a distinguished shinobi and marry a nice girl from Konoha in order to continue his clan.

She was a lily of the valley and he knew enough about the flower - you stayed away. Unfortunately, she'd already stopped his heart. Carved Smiles by Cow-Lover reviews Tati hated her life, and she had always lived in constant fear. But when she suddenly landed in Middle Earth, she couldn't decide whether she felt free or if her life got worse. That was until she met people who promised to always protect, something she had never experienced before. Different from all the other falls-into-their-world stories.

Some chapters will be rated M. ShadowKissed by CarleighAlpha reviews Life always been dreary, I wanted a change and I found it in those deep golden eyes, then thats when everything changed. She runs away from Charming on her wedding day to Seattle, WA for med school. She wanted to be as far away from the club life as possible. Too bad for her when the Tacoma charter is sent to keep an eye on her. Demetri thanks the gods he's a tracker. Unfortunately for his mate, the 21 year old free-spirited hot mess Delphia Payne, she can't get away from him.

He's caught her and he's never letting her go. Maddy Remix by AURyuichi-san reviews In the Twilight world, a quirky girl who'd read the books and was only a passive fan is reborn as Bella's twin sister. Watch as she takes up the role Alice was supposed to play when she masters her gift to see visions of the future and discovers that Alice doesn't exist in this slightly different Twilight world. Burial of the Dead by thevillainsmustache reviews In my 7th year, as The Dark Lord was waging war on the Wizarding World, I was chosen to hold the position of head girl under the assumption that I would do everything in my power and willingness to protect the students of Hogwarts from the pervasive evils trying to corrupt it, and just to make things more interesting, Malfoy was the head boy.

Naughty Needles by Comidia Del Arte reviews When Eva made the choice to open a small tattoo parlor in her hometown of Gotham, doing work on criminals was par for the course.

  3. Dark Entries | A Gallery of 80’s Goth and Deathrock Culture III;
  4. Goth WallpaperBy Artist Unknown | Flowers | Rose, Rose wallpaper, Purple roses!

Yet, she never thought her work would attract the attention of one of Gotham's most feared criminals. The Gatekeeper's Past by TeatimeTurbulence reviews After the first war, the Weasleys take in an orphaned girl with a troubled past. By the time they realize that she is a weapon created by Voldemort's followers, she has already formed a magical attachment to their twin sons. But with the dark lord vanquished, all seems well… until he returns. Break by arry73 reviews Rosie was moving on with her life. She had found her way out, her way to be free.

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  2. Dark Entries | A Gallery of 80’s Goth and Deathrock Culture III -!
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But what happens when you break free and run smack into something else? Bad summary, see where it goes. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing person that gave Serena his time and energy? Would Serena accept the fact that he can hear, or would she continue pushing him away like she does to everyone else? How will Serena react to finding out Jasper's Secret? As far as my family knows I ran away just before my 16th birthday because my boyfriend was killed in a car crash. Justice is the new girl at Degrassi,befriends Peter li and Johnny's relationship is as rocky as ever,but what happens when he gets involved with an old friend?

Begins in Heart of Glass. I own nothing but my OC Justice. Here For You by wisegirl reviews "I'm tired of running," she whispered, her eyes bright with tears. I should have realized sooner, but -" He silenced her ramblings with a passionate kiss. Amy Wyman never thought a job would change her life, but it only takes a certain rugged Weasley to change her mind. Line of Blood by whitetailwxlf reviews Lydia's the daughter of an original SAMCRO member, and she swore up and down one day she'd get the hell out of Charming and out of the clutches of the club, but everyone knows that once you're in with the club, you're not ever getting out.

You either live with the club or die with the club. Even when he's an idiot. Even when he's in the spotlight and I'm forever waiting in the wings. That's life as Lorena Potter. At least I don't have a psychopath out for my head. Homecoming by britbailey87 reviews Milo Winston has been in prison for almost 6 years but is finally coming home.

Masquerade of Life by MadCatter90 reviews Claire Swan, fraternal twin of Isabella Swan, breaks off her college-studies to go to Forks and help her heartbroken sister after a certain Edward Cullen and his family leaves. That is the first step onto a road which will eventually lead to Italy and a blonde vampire king Twilight - Rated: The Willow by jasminefiregreen reviews Willow Swan is happy to be back in Forks. She missed the rain, the nature, and her father. Her sister, Bella, didn't feel the same, but this was a new beginning for Willow. One without her mother breathing down her neck while constantly reminding her of the past.

A whole new life and nothing could wreck it, except for a pair of golden eyes. OCxJasper Twilight - Rated: The one that got away by earthtoleah reviews "Like an idiot, I let you pull me under I was completely immersed in my love for you and then you left me to drown without a second thought.

Heavy Heart EP

You show up out of the blue just as I catch my breath and here I am; sinking all over again. You were meant to be my forever Stas and instead you were the one who got away" Sons of Anarchy - Rated: Hide and Seek by SirenTemptress reviews Demetri had lost her, his mate and only love. What happened during their short time together?

What happens when he finally finds her after all this time? The next edition of the Volturi Chronicles. Rated M in advance. Strong Wings by HLecter reviews Sometimes another chance can be a blissful experience. The Root Village by Kitteh reviews "How dare you hide from me! He took her by the hair and dragged her out kicking. Panicked, she tried to run but he caught her by the arm and yanked her back, nails digging into her skin. This was simply her debt. No One is Alone by jazzhandz reviews Kat is young. Almost 20, moving to Forks with her dad to help him. She has seen her dad's relationships and doesn't want to go down the same path.

Working at the hospital in Forks she meets Carlisle and he becomes like a father to her. Emmett feels alone and misses the companionship of a relationship. Opposite Sides of the Spectrum by myheartbelongstoaboywithalimp reviews "You have it, Lana. Generations of it untouched in your family. Because I don't know what you could do with this level of raw energy.

Having moved to Forks to be with their father, Lana and Bella had no clue that their lives were about to change drastically. On her first day at Forks High School, she finally has proof she isn't crazy. Edward Cullen was a mysterious boy with two secrets, and she shared one of them. But how could I prevent this fate when I could not alter a single film scene. It seemed to be an impossible task and armed with nothing but a pendant and a riddle, answers had to come from elsewhere else.

Calling Dr Badass by vintagelove reviews A doctor treats a son in a moment of calm before the impending storm Besides it never hurts to have another doctor around the club These will be ranging from the very beginning to the very end of the timeline. This will be like my drabble series for Safe and Sound. Make sure you're current before reading this so you don't read any spoilers!

Firewalker by samsexton17 reviews Thorin's leading the company to reclaim Erebor and everything is going as planned. That is until some trolls tie them up and a mysterious archer comes out of nowhere and saves them. Who is she and why does she stare at him like she knows him? It's up to the dwarf king to find out.

Rated M for later chapters and some language. However, when fates collide, Kakashi and a young female Anbu member come face to face again, Kakashi remembers a time when he was the one being saved. Over the years, the two had forgotten their shared moment, but upon meeting again, something more than friendship starts to blossom. Porcelain Polly by itsBeckChadwick reviews Polly was more than a porcelain doll.

She was brave, and loyal. And would spend her days proving that over and over again if she had to. Until it was carved into the minds of her closest friends, and her greatest enemies. But get treated like you're fragile all of your life, and that's what you'll become; a porcelain doll, teetering on the edge of the shelf. Love and Lies by a-little-bit-enamoured reviews Abigail comes to Charming in search of her sister, seeking her support and bringing her own personal baggage with her.

The Samcro President takes a shining to the new girl in town but is she all she's cracked up to be? Can they survive the secrets of her past and her present? Jocelyn Pook - violin. The rain. Love is a dying world. Pale hose. Closet floor. Thy will. Guarda altri video. Video successivo Rock Band 3. Corey Hart - Never Surrender No Retreat No Surrender Part 1. Artisan News. Lavinia by The Veils album version.