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  2. How to Start a Conversation with Anyone
  3. 7 Practical Tips on How to Start a Conversation
  4. Tips for Starting Conversations When You Have Social Anxiety

Open-ended question helps us do what we talked about in the previous point by opening up the conversation. Next, stay away from touchy subjects like politics, religion, and even family.

Movie Conversation Starters

Especially politics and religion, which can turn a friendly introduction into a heated goodbye in the blink of an eye. Some of these are better as openers and others follow-ups, but each of the above points has several of each type of question you can mix and match to jump-start a conversation. Listening is critical because it allows you to give a relevant response that not only shows the other person you were listening but tells them a little about yourself.

You want to start, and base, the conversation in open-ended questions. However, you also want to respond to their answer with your own statement instead of rolling into another question.

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However, we typically react more positively to shows of enthusiasm through hand gestures, facial expressions, and teasing our voice with different tones and volumes. This makes a conversation more interesting and we all rather be around someone fun and energetic than someone dull and lifeless. Sadhguru How to Control Your Destiny. Robert Downey Jr.

7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone - Malavika Varadan - TEDxBITSPilaniDubai

Don't ask if that is her real hair color or if he is a regular at the gym. After you receive a response, have something else to say that will give you a common platform on which to build a conversation and a relationship.

Making the approach – “The 3-second rule”

Before you start, think of a follow-up story. This is the key to building a conversation. Follow up with something somewhat personal that relates to the other person and that tells him or her something interesting about you:. All of these statements help connect you to the person and keep the conversation moving. Remember, the goal is not to say the perfect thing or come across a certain way, but to open the door for more conversation. Given the right circumstances, this conversation starter can work.

If you say to someone, "You seem really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?

How to Start a Conversation with Anyone

As you go through the details of the other person's life story, feel free to go off on tangents. Remember, you don't really want to find out if you've met before; you want to get to know more about the other person. Remember though—the goal is not to be mean-spirited or judgmental, so be sure to keep your comments positive. Know that this method of starting a conversation can be risky. Humor is difficult with someone you don't know well.

7 Practical Tips on How to Start a Conversation

However, if you find someone who shares your sense of humor, chances are that it will be the start of a great friendship. Think of this period as a time of testing the waters, to find people who think the same way that you do. Remember that any of these tricks is likely to fail some of the time. If you don't receive a positive response from someone, there are always other people whom you can approach.

As you become more confident and at ease, you won't need to rely on tricks to start conversations. A study showed that people with social anxiety tend not to contribute equally to conversations, and as a result are less well-liked. There are two possible reasons why you might not contribute equally in a conversation.

In fact, in most cases, people fall into the first category. It's not that you are lacking in social skills or don't know how to hold up your end of a conversation. In fact, with people you know well e. Rather, being self-conscious and anxious is what holds you back from being your true self in a conversation. In that case, it's important to work on your anxiety so that you can have better conversations.

Tips for Starting Conversations When You Have Social Anxiety

If, on the other hand, you feel that you are actually lacking in social skills simply because you haven't had enough experience being around other people, it might be helpful to pick up some self-help books on how to build your social skills. As another example, a second study on eye contact showed that individuals with social anxiety tend to make less eye contact during conversation.

If you have trouble making eye contact, try to make it a goal to work on this social skill to improve your conversations and appear friendlier to others thus inviting further conversations. If you have severe social anxiety , treatment is important, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or medication. Without effective treatment, tricks such as these conversation starters or other social skill strategies aren't likely to be effective.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.

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