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But they all wanted a piece of him, because he was so good at everything. His mother knew his tender side, his willingness to come after games, still in uniform, and help her with her second job -- cleaning office buildings -- until well after midnight. At home, she saw a thoughtful boy who would go on to be an Eagle scout, who knew how to balance a checkbook by the time he was But most simply saw a poor sport with a horrendous attitude who teetered on the brink of disaster.

Victorino was desperate to keep pace with older brother Mike, four and a half years older than him, and when he couldn't, he resorted to pushing, kicking, punching, even biting. One year, when his father was the director of the soccer program, Shane scored a goal, flipped off the parents of the opposing team and tried to pick a fight with its coach. Ane, the head coach at St.


O'Brien, Ane's assistant, also worked closely with Victorino, stressing, above all, self-discipline. When you got him directed in the right way, he was great. Victorino's exceptional speed and dexterity left coaches tugging at him from all sides.

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He played soccer, football, basketball and baseball and ran track and field. In his senior season, he won the state championship in the , and meters; his meter time of The baseball stadium was adjacent to the track, so once the game ended, Victorino would sprint through the parking lot to the track, shedding his glove, uniform and cleats as he went.

Shane Victorino introduces the Flyin' Hawaiian Poke at Foodland

His mother allowed the sports as long as Shane kept meeting with his doctors and counselors. The battle for self-control continued, with many potholes along the path to maturity. He liked to think he knew better than you. It was hard for him to hear, 'No, we're doing it this way.

Victorino played wing back and defensive back, returned kicks and punted. One day in practice, Ane instructed the team what to do when there was a bad snap punting out of the end zone. The choices included taking a safety or trying to knock the ball out of the end zone. By the time Victorino was a senior, O'Brien, who was also his world history teacher, went to all of the kid's games, "because I knew it would be over soon, and I didn't want to miss it. He saw Victorino, a forward in soccer, dribble to the far right corner with three defenders in pursuit then somehow, some way, come out with the ball.

He saw him dominate a game against a school twice the size of St. Anthony's, but not before he drew a yellow card, then a red card, which meant an automatic ejection. As he moved to the sideline, Victorino angrily ripped off his jersey. Joycelyn covered her face. She couldn't bear to watch anymore. She half expected to hear the roar of another dustup, but When she finally looked up, her son was sitting on the sideline, talking with his coach.

The years have come and gone. He is still on medication for ADHD and keeps in touch with his doctors regularly. In recent years, he's even become a spokesman for the disease. There are flare-ups from time to time. In August, while still playing center field for the Phillies, Victorino was ejected after waving his hands in disgust over strikes called by umpire Ed Rapuano. It was a bizarre scene, to see Victorino tossed from the outfield, and he took responsibility afterward, confessing, "I let my emotions get the best of me. It's been a long road for him. Earlier this season, Victorino attempted a diving catch that got away from him.

The play was ruled a double, and when Ryan Dempster balked, the runner advanced to third. He could feel his blood rising, the anger building, his heart pounding. But at 32 years old, now a husband and a father, he knows now how to convert that adrenaline into something positive. You got a problem with that? Some guys hate that. I love it. I want those fans right up on us. One of the reasons I came to Boston is because I wanted to be part of that, of everyone in the whole stadium singing 'Sweet Caroline' and everybody getting all fired up about whatever play is being made, or even not made.

Victorino is batting.

Shane Victorino World Series Stats by Baseball Almanac

His adventures in the outfield have caused him to miss 33 of the team's 97 games, but, manager John Farrell conceded last week, "I can't tell him not to play as hard as he does. We grind it out, 27 outs. We're going to get right in your face. We might lose, but we're coming for you, even when we're down nine runs. He is also a part-time bartender and loves to strike up conversations with his patrons about his former player.

Charlie Ane died in after a long illness. Victorino can still hear him saying, "I was where you want to go. Listen and you'll learn something. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

Derby draw: Yelich gets Guerrero, Bell vs. Acuna Milwaukee Brewers. But he definitely would not have become one of the most popular players on one of the most beloved teams in Phillies history. The love-fest between Victorino and his adopted city began midway through the season.

It will continue Friday, when the "Flyin' Hawaiian" signs a one-day contract and retires as a member of the Phillies. His last game was May 17, , for the Chicago Cubs' triple-A club.

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He hasn't played a major-league game since Oct. It was all shaped by the city of Philadelphia.

Shane Victorino: The Flyin' Hawaiian

Victorino, 37, spent eight of his 12 major-league seasons with the Phillies. In games with the Phillies, he batted. In Game 3, he touched off a benches-clearing brawl by objecting to a high-and-tight pitch from Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda. But Victorino's signature Phillies moment came earlier in the postseason. His grand slam off indomitable Milwaukee Brewers ace CC Sabathia in Game 2 of the division series was the moment that then-general manager Pat Gillick says he knew it was the Phillies' year.

Most fans probably had the same feeling. CC was immortal. Nobody was going to beat CC and the Brewers. Most of all, Victorino symbolized what the Phillies were about during their run of five consecutive division titles. But Victorino was the blue-collar catalyst who often found himself in the middle of everything. Victorino was an underdog, too.

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In addition to being exposed to the Rule 5 draft twice by the Dodgers, he had to learn how to cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. His solution: channel his energy into his play. He buzzed around the field, catching everything in the outfield and creating havoc on the bases. And while some athletes wilt amid the insatiable passion for sports in Philadelphia, Victorino thrived on it, so much so that he signed as a free agent with the Boston Red Sox in because he wanted to play in another sports-obsessed, pressure-packed environment. That's what made it great.

Victorino saw the civic pride in Philadelphia and felt that he could relate. Hawaiians, he said, rally around the successes of other Hawaiians. It was just, how do I draw the city of Philadelphia into loving what I could bring to the table?