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Got a wedding this weekend and the venue will be lit up with beautiful colors! A quick but effective workout! Have a great day yall! Believe in YOU! I just decided to try something different! Got a great arm burn! Now time to lift some weight! See ya soon! We collected lbs of food for Gleaners food bank that day! So this happened today. A quick on my way to work 30 second Acapella sample of 1 of my tracks entitled "Rainbow" produced by the Great John Howcott!

Wedding season is upon us! Time to charge up the lights! Uplights that is! Beautiful colors to spice up the room! Call now for pricing! Lol Confessions of a Karaoke singer Available now on Amazon! I was planning on playing outside anyway so he took a spot inside. Music al around! Invest In you while you still can. When they book you again a month after the event! Gotta love it! Mondays are awesome! Got these kitchen magnets made at Fast Signs to hand out.

Tequila! Karaoke Version By Superstar Karaoke Performer, Andy Rowell - America's Got Talent 2019

Do it daily! Be creative, not conservative! That's so boring! See what I did there? Last wedding of the year for me. Thanks ! Had a ball! VERY much appreciated sir!!! Cupid Shuffle time at the Collins Reception! I do NOT own the rights to this music! They've been trying on clothes, wearing backpacks and playing school for the last couple days. Thank goodness for the excitement. Oh such a beauty she is, love this look on the lovely Mariel by truecolorsindy We have loved working with Rebecca for hair and make up over the past decade and are excited to begin a new venture together tomorrow.

The sun is finally shining again and the temps are starting to go up here in Indy! Hopefully better weather is around the corner. Time to cheers to the weekend! And just like that Friday is here!! Who is ready for the weekend? What are your plans? Let me know below!


All were great in their own ways, but none fitted the bill exactly. It sounds like something really old and something really new mixed together. But as for the rest of Common Ground? The backstory, he continues, is that the song was always meant to be a vocal track.

In doing so, he has helped to lay the groundwork for a titanic musical and cultural shift: a post-rock EDM revolution that has captured the imagination of a new generation of music lovers across North America. His own live show is a jaw-dropping spectacle that finds him performing in front of an foot wide, three-stories tall LED screen that blares images synched with the music while strobe lights scan the crowd. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Raddon was heavily influenced by New Wave bands like The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen, and The Smiths that ignited his love for melody and lyrics and was strongly impacted by the house music scene that developed in Chicago.

The Fire disc contains ten original songs geared firmly toward the dancefloor, while on the Ice disc, Kaskade delivers the perfect down-tempo post-club experience by remixing all ten songs. Both discs showcase the musical versatility tat has characterized his work ever since he began writing his own songs. Love Available in twenty one different flavors and available in over thirty countries.

He started making dubstep in and from there evolved into a whole sound and genre of his own. With swampy bass lines and ambient mystical soundscapes, a Toadface set is a journey that all bass music fans can enjoy. The origins of Montreal born DJ-producer-incipient Teutonic legend Tiga lie to the vague and troubling East, where he was weaned on the nefarious milk of the notorious s Indian club scene. I was at once appalled and enraptured.

After that, I had no choice in the matter. I am, I feel, a very interactive person. That same year, the Montreal dance community found a haven for the boldest feats of dance, where fools are in love with mystery and sex-valor is prized above all else. In , Tiga started Turbo Recordings as an outlet for his wildman organ escapades but he soon found a host of other artists who were willing to be paid to record for him. Turbo has released over 20 albums, 2 samplers, and 12 vinyl twelve inches as well as secured global distribution with Prime, Intergroove and Caroline.

What are you waiting for? The truth?! But is also a trick, a trick of memory. You must understand— on a whim, we revealed the hidden fire of Europe. But fires need tending and lumber. And so be advised of the onslaught of Tiga-powered releases, both recent and forthcoming. They are his craft, his life, his fire:. Tiga has remixed for the likes of Martini Bros. K7 for their DJ Kicks series. His first full-length original artist album is due within the year. Boreta, edIT, and O oah came together around , passing through various members until settling on this core trio of musicians. Together, they combined their different skills and aesthetics into the compellingly collaged whole that has become one of the most beloved live electronic acts, and distinctive recording artists, working today.

By combining sound and force with weight, the Bassnectar experience engulfs the senses. The experience of Bassnectar is more visceral than auditory, as the musi c sets any stage for an adventure without rules or limitations. Bassnectar is the brainchild of Lorin Ashton, and his open-sourced musical project is as diverse as it is imaginary, as raw as it is meticulous, and as fierce as it is stunning. Spanning the spectrum of sonic style, the music draws inspiration from every genre imaginable and supplies a synthesis of intense, wobbling basslines and hypnotic soundscapes for a devout international audience that desires the beautiful and the bestial in the same breath.

In whatever medium Bassnectar works, music is the lure and social impact is the sincere intention. I think privilege confers responsibility, and Bassnectar is a reflection of that opportunity to give back; the motion of my cells bouncing back at the world. Hailing from the South, Midnite Panda has been bring ing the heat to the Atlanta music scene since The duo are no strangers to the circut, having played major festivals such as Tomorrowworld, Counterpoint, Imagine, Moonshine, Big Beat, and Kingdom Rave, amongst others.

In Midnite Panda embarked on two Canada tours, playing shows and collaborating with Atlanta clothing sponsors Six Feathers. Midnite Panda has released five mix tapes in their Strictly Bangers Series, gaining more than , plays. This year Midnite Panda is set to release original work, bringing their unique brand of Atlanta trap, bass, and hip-hop to the world, making them the ones to watch for in Originally starting life as a trio, North London outfit Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the UK b ass music scene.

Those looking for a top 40 DJ to keep toes tapping have come to the wrong place. For Levitation Jones, peculiarity has always been nothing more than the norm, a nd compromise has never been a part of the equation. After all, we all have our own style of art to express. That approach has been enigmatic to his rise as one of the most celebrated and renowned names in independent bass music, bustling from coast to coast, all whilst spreading a dark cadence of sub-bass. This quickly rising producer blends his original productions with heavy influences of underground dubstep and future bass paired with a seemingly effortless style of live mixing, pulling his audience in for a trip to the depths of the strange and the weird.

Along with him, Jones will cart an additional 75k watts of lethal Danley Soundlabs state of the art low-end technology. His discography includes 2 critically acclaimed full length artist albums, 8 DJ mix CDs, as well as numerous singles and remixes for artists such as Freq Nasty, Afrika Bambaata and Keoki. He has been featured in countless magazine articles and interviews both in the US and worldwide.

His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring marked by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country. After a lengthy hiatus, sees DJ Dara return to the studio to produce the kind of beats he wants to hear. Watch this space……. After a three year hiatus that officially ended in , the two embarked on an exhaustive reunion tour; playing high-profile global festivals like EDC, Creamfields, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, Sunburn Festival as well as club dates in over 20 countries around the world.

Despite the envelopment of EDM in popular culture, the two are sticking to their guns and following their most innate impulses. We choose sounds and words that we feel will mean something to a lot of people and at the same time, make them put their hands in the air. His most recent works have taken him from the DJ booth of the worlds hottest nightspots and festivals to the studio producing soundtracks for Hollywood blockbuster movies.

His diversity in artistry and ability has earned him accolades from critics and fans alike. Garnering him not 1 but 2 Grammy Nominations for his works. But lets take a step back. Not what some might have expected from one of Trances preeminent masters. But he knew then music would be his life. The second trip and more contemporary influence was in which brought Paul to the White Isle of Ibiza.

Here he discovered the Balearic sound that flowed through the Ibiza air at clubs such as Amnesia. Inspired, he took the music and experiences back to the UK and became its ambassador. Paul returned often holding residencies at Amnesia and Pacha in Ibiza. Around the same time Ministry Of Sound in London was opening and tauted Paul as their first resident.

However it was his famed residency at UK super-club Cream in Liverpool that brought Paul global respect as a master of his art. It was some say the catalyst to what has made him a touring legend. Highlights include three worldwide tours warming up for Madonna and U2 with both artists insisting on a DJ set from Paul instead of a support band ; performing physically on the Great Wall of China and two sold out dates playing to 30, people at the Hollywood Bowl in California. A year after that first visit to Ibiza, Perfecto was born.

With countless high profile releases and remixes in its path, Perfecto Records is still the benchmark to which so many labels measure themselves. As well as three acclaimed artist albums under his own name. In recent years Paul has also been responsible for creating some of the most breathtaking film scores and cues for a long list of Hollywood blockbusters — including The Bourne Identity, Matrix Reloaded, Shrek 2, Swordfish and Collateral. But his most anticipated release is yet to come. Astonishingly, despite all his success in the worlds of chart music and film, Oakenfold has found time to keep in touch with his roots as a club DJ.

Over the past 3 years he has held a weekly residency at the legendary Rain nightclub in The Palms, Las Vegas. Planet Perfecto is a fully produced show with 75 circus performers, cutting edge visuals and special effects — giving the 3,strong crowd a truly unique experience. Paul Oakenfold is the sovereign of DJ culture and is its most recognizable icon. Original, emotional, visceral.

Taking the next logical step, the group decided to set up their own label. This was a culmination of seven years of studio knowledge and musical experimentation and it was received with such resounding success that deadmau5 picked it up for a Special Edition re-release on his own mau5trap label. Enlisted by the likes of Skrillex, Labrinth, deadmau5, Mark Knight ft.

His DJ sets already incorporate this style heavily into his mixing, and will see a lot of original productions in this vibe. His recent collaboration is currently in rotation on Sirius XM and hit the top 10 of Beatport overall. Six years later, having logged countless hours refining their now-signature sound and growing their impressive catalog, the duo is set to release their debut album Self Help on October Their album tour spans four months this fall, beginning in Europe and then kicking off the U.

Armed with their fresh productions, Sam and Gavin have something irresistible to offer fans at every stop.. KOAN: A puzzling, often paradoxical statement or story, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening. With his new found fame EDX quickly climbed up the ladder of recognition with labels and producers asking him to sprinkle his remix magic touch onto their releases.

The guys started out producing music in the early 90s, delivering club hits under several artist names. Just check these names on Spotify or iTunes and discover a collection of awesome oldskool house music! Drawn together by a common appreciation of the house music movement of the early 90s, their career got off to a turbo-charged start with the release of what would become one of the defining records of their career.

In the duo came up with what would be their last alias Chocolate Puma. Head to see a Chocolate Puma live DJ set and three quarters of the tracks you hear will be produced or remixed by them, while the rest contains personal edits of some of their favourite brand new or classic tracks, all mixed and improvised on the fly into one massively energetic set. In Green Velvet launched Relief Records and since that time has been a constant presence in the industry.

When this very eccentric, green Mohawk wearing Green Velvet emerged, he sent shock waves throughout the House and Techno music scenes. What was even more intriguing was his background. Born in the southern suburbs of Chicago, IL he has always been an active athlete and focused student determined to follow his dream of becoming a chemical engineer. While he excelled scholastically he was socially introverted, but always committed to finding ways to share his enthusiasm for living. Until one day, he realized that while his dream was to become a chemical engineer…his passion…his God given talent was to pursue life in the music industry.

That passion and commitment led him back to his hometown, and clearly kept Chicago on the House Music map. Love of the music…Love of the fans…Love of other artists. The history of great releases on the label and artists speak to this. There are too many artist collaborations to mention…. One thing is very clear, in this industry success and change go hand in hand. Staying current with the scene and his fans is paramount. Lotus has crafted a unique musical style outside of simple genre limitations. On a given weekend the band could be the only group with guitars at an all electro nic music festival and then the next night crash a traditional rock festival with their dance heavy beats, synths and samples.

No matter what the venue, the energetic joy and catharsis of a Lotus show is infectious. The band slowly built a devoted fan base through steady touring and the crowds have grown at an increasing pace. The way music is produced and performed is growing at an astounding rate. From the controls of a tiny laptop, a performer now has the power to mix, change and loop sounds in a concert setting with great ease. This modern twist of technology is bringing a new level of music to the electronic dance party.

While the genre of live electronica is relatively new on the music circuit, nobody is breaking the boundaries of live producing and improvisation like EOTO. Fusing elements of live instrumentation, house music, dubstep and electro into their dance ready sound, the band will be taking the country by storm beginning in late September for their perennial fall tour, performing 33 consecutive nights in a row. Consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann the duo mixes the organic sounds of live drums, bass and guitar through a variety of programs and gadgets to create a style of music that is more likely found in a dance club, then a live music theater.

What sets EOTO apart from other artists in this emerging genre is how the music is created. A trait that has fans old and new catching multiple shows on a tour and packing venues wherever they play. Or maybe EOTO is selling out venues around the coast for the spirit of dance music they bring in general. It should come as no surprise that the members of EOTO have performed with a range of musicians second to none. Born in Bangladesh, raised in New York City, inspired by everything from hip-hop to classical music to punk rock, both his life and music have been defined by an amorphous quality that only a third culture kid could understand.

The OWSLA boss was so impressed that he signed the track for release and dropped it into heavy rotation in headline sets around the world, beginning with Glastonbury in the UK. From that point, Jai Wolf was a fixture at major stateside festivals, developing a reputation as a master remixer, often mentioned in the same breath as Flume and ODESZA in that wave of future bass.

I had no expectations. The song made Jai Wolf a star, but creatively, he was already looking towards bigger and better things. He decided to ditch the drops and focus on crafting songs with depth, with meaning and melody. The result was the debut Kindred Spirits EP in , a record that stunned critics and signaled the birth of Jai Wolf the songwriter, the live performer, the indie-tronic artist. The EP somehow merged the sweet melodies of 80s synth-pop with the atmosphere and grandiosity of EDM, the intimacy and closeness of chillwave, and the thoughtful introspection of indie-rock.

The creative release of Kindred Spirits and the deep connection Jai Wolf has forged with his worldwide fanbase has strengthened his sense of mission. I want you to feel nostalgic. I want you to reflect on your life. I also want you to be inspired about where your life could go. The story of Jai Wolf so far is more than the hits, the packed dancefloors, or co-signs by mega-stars. You can take the elements you like and find a way to speak them through your own voice. With his first ever LP impending in , it seems that this story — one that spans the globe and genres alike — is just beginning….

In an ever-shifting social landscape of self-promotion and curated digital identities, ZHU is a unique voice making a name for himself, without ever having mentioned it. With a Grammy nomination and underground hits accumulating almost half a billion online plays, ZHU is an inspiration for the entrepreneurial millennials who shun the status quo in favor of cultural exploration and game-changing creationism. With coverage from Pitchfork to The New York Times, the EP was critically acclaimed as a worldly collection of music appreciated for its immaculate attention to detail and groundbreaking sonic concepts.

With projects like animated shorts scored to music, a fashion line, and digital art activations, his shows incorporate all of his work. Combining cinematic beauty, with avant-garde fashion, live music performances, and art installations, ZHU fans never know what to expect next. The unforgettable Red Rocks weekend saw the return of his powerhouse piece live funk band and the second annual limited edition run of his Chasing The Golden Hour Ale.

Touring aside, has been a year of self-reflection and creative development for Kwiecinski, who has signed off of social media and turned his focus on his new music. Since his start, GRiZ has become a champion of the live electronic landscape; effortlessly blending improvised saxophone, guitar, vocals and more over booming bass lines, hard drops, and some of the most creative transitions in the game. Spread Love. Join the movement as Riot Ten takes over the scene.


Bear Grillz. At the start of the year, the as-yet-unidentified Bear Grillz revealed his true identity on the Jerry Springer show. Two million viewers and fans watched with amazement as he removed his iconic Bear Grillz helmet on camera. His notoriety only increased, and saw him booked for 12 international festivals while touring as support for Excision on his Paradox Tour. An 8 track EP, with talent straight from the rosters of Bass Music royalty, is set to drop later this year, and a full North American tour is slated for the spring.

The name Bear Grillz has always been synonymous with face-melting, neck-breaking bass music, and his shows are always one mosh pit away from a prison riot. They toured across North America in with no official product yet available, while saw them land gigs at the Ultra festivals in both Miami and Seoul, South Korea. The ASOT brand has grown into a complete live show experience and touring concept, with stages and events all over the world.

In addition, Armin is the co-founder of the Armada Music record label together with Maykel Piron and David Lewis , which has been acclaimed internationally for releasing top-notch Electronic Music in a variety of genres. Life is full of decisions that either make or break us. In the grand scheme of things, selling his motorized scooter for his first studio set up may well have been the best move Alessandro Lindblad — a Stockholm born youngster of Italian ancestry — ever made.

The summer of was a busy one for Alesso. Playing the main stage of Summerburst at the beginning of the season, interspersed with headline shows at Amnesia and Radio One Weekend, Ibiza; Tomorrowland, The Light, Electric Zoo, and everywhere in between. As a strong producer as well as a DJ the future looks bright. Having already spun sets to a variety of crowds, on a backdrop of different skylines on various stages across the world, this is a man who is destined for greatness.

Pursuing his passion for music is inbuilt, a way of life, which means that exciting times are ahead. But the duo show no signs of slowing down in Since then, the album reached No. The story of Galantis started back in Shortly after, the two started hanging out, playing each other songs and sharing bits of ideas in the recording studio. That like-minded thinking helped create Pharmacy.

Galantis has truly been a phenomenon in dance music. Buy Tickets Hippie Sabotage hippiesabotage. Buy Tickets The Funk Hunters thefunkhunters. Buy Tickets Big Gigantic biggigantic. Buy Tickets Black Sun Empire blacksunempire. Buy Tickets Andy Bruh andybruh. Buy Tickets Will Clarke djwillclarke. Buy Tickets Noisia noisia. Buy Tickets Netsky netskymusic. Buy Tickets Shiba San shibasan. Buy Tickets Claptone claptone. Buy Tickets Chris Lake chris-lake. Buy Tickets Gorgon City gorgoncity. Buy Tickets Leah Culver leahculvermusic.

Buy Tickets Fransis Derelle fransisderelle. Buy Tickets Codeko codekomusic. Buy Tickets MK marckinchen. Buy Tickets Esseks esseks. Buy Tickets Boogie T grvdncr. Buy Tickets Spag Heddy spagheddy. Buy Tickets Liquid Stranger liquidstranger. Buy Tickets 12th Planet 12thplanetofficial. Buy Tickets Zomboy zomboyofficial. Buy Tickets Seven Lions sevenlions. Buy Tickets Deorro deorro. Buy Tickets Datsik datsik. Buy Tickets Tiesto www. Buy Tickets Rob Garza robgarza. Buy Tickets OTT ottsonic. Buy Tickets The Floozies www.

Watch Theme Trailer Buy Tickets. Scroll Down. July 3, Fourth of July Special! Read More. See full Lineup. Frequently Asked Questions Find general festival information and answers to frequently asked questions. More Info. Imagine Festival Share icon-facebook Facebook icon-twitter Twitter. Share icon-facebook Facebook icon-twitter Twitter. Become a Sponsor For businesses seeking additional presence at the festival, there are sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Us. Join our Work Exchange Team! Most work hours will be completed as two shifts over the course of the event. Workers must provide their own camping equipment and bring additional meals for the weekend.

Dream Dance, Vol. Charles Aznavour. Musician, Primary Artist. Essential Songs Digital. David Leonhardt. Fall in Love Again. Virginia Younger. Favourite Italian Arias. Floorfillers: Party Anthems Fresh, Vol. Greatest Hits Live. Patti Page. Greatest Musicals [Disney]. Hamlet 2 [Soundtrack]. Have Another Ball! Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Here and Now: The Very Best of the 80s. Hip Hop: The Collection Holiday Magic [f. Home for the Holidays [f. Home for the Holidays with B95 [f. Hope: Songs to Celebrate Life. House Society No.

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On Your Sleeve. Jesse Malin. Pacha Presents: Global Chilling. Playlist Plus. Robert Palmer. Pure Disney. RTL Weihnachten. Will Hedgecock. Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First 50 Years. Rob Rob de Nijs. Rockin' Christmas [Black Hawk]. Romancing the 70s: My Love. Romancing the 70s: Reunited. Sanat Jukka Virtanen. Scotland the Brave. The Capetown Highlanders. Seventies Power Ballads. Songs Without Words. City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The Love Collection. Dionne Warwick. The Power of Love [Rhino]. The Red Piano. The Silver Collection. Michael Ball. Jeff McGill. This One Is Two. Ralph Stanley II. Kenny Lattimore. Tiny Dancer. Tour of Duty: Top Ultimate House, Vol. Urban Delicious 2. Wish Upon a Star, Vol. Franck Pourcel. Act of War. All for Love [ 2]. All for a Reason. Another Side. John Barrowman. Believe: Songs to Lift the Spirit. New World Orchestra. Best of Platinum. Better Place. Big Night Out. Billboard Top 10 Karaoke: 's, Vol. Bringing Back New Orleans. Carl Keith. California Dreamin'. Jim Hendricks.

Christmas Hitcollection. Christmas Number 1's. Christmas' Greatest Hits. John Bayless. Classic Rock Number 1s. Club 80s [Universal]. Clubbers Yearbook. Clubbers Yearbook Mixed. Billy Paul. Come Back and Stay. Stephanie O'Hara. Come Fly with Me. Denis d'Aoust. Cover All Yo! Masayoshi Yamazaki. De Mooiste Openingsdansen. Dick Clark's American Bandstand 50th Anniversary. Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Vol. Die Ultimative Rock Box. Disney's Greatest Musicals. Disney's Hero Collection. Do It Yourself. Victims of Circumstance. Dreams in Colour. David Fonseca.

Dutch Collection. Talib Kweli. Easier to Walk Away. Easy Listening, Vol. Ebirion Sillektis Mono Gia Filous. Notis Sfakianakis. Einmal Ja-Immer Ja. Semino Rossi. Elton Live at Madison Square Garden. Primary Artist, Vocals, Piano, Composer. Essential Christmas. Essential Love [Madacy]. Essential Playlist: 20 Non-Stop Hits! Essential Songs Essential Songs: Spring Collection. Evening Moods. Marvin Gaye. Flower Power [Time Life Box]. Flower Power: Born to be Wild. Flower Power: Groovin' [Time Life 2].

Flower Power: Light My Fire. For America. Jim Anderson. Forever Ray Charles. Ray Charles. Free Spirit. Fumbling with the Covers. Naked Eyes. Get Ready, Here Come the '70s. Producer, Vocals, Piano, Primary Artist. Gold: Soft Rock. Grandes Exitos. Greatest Movie Hits Remixed. Gunde on Garner. Henrik Gunde. High Octane. Dan McMillion. Hip Hop Classics [Universal]. Hit Club: The Hits Holiday Jam. Alan Darcy. Ann Wilson.

I've Been Loving You. Jammin' out West. Tony Q. Jazz Chill, Vol. Additional Personnel, Primary Artist. Karaoke: Leann Rimes, Vol. Karaoke: Pop Hits of Kevin Wright. Kenny Adamson. Keys to the Future. Robert Bartha. Knuffelrock, Vol. Kuschelrock, Vol. Legends Informercial Set. Live at the Workplay Theatre.

Love Songs: Originals. Mei Siedie.

Henry Mancini - IMDb

Mellow Magic [Warner]. Moment Like This. Leona Lewis. Monster Mullet Rock. Music for Seventies. Music in Review. Musical Duett Album. My Songs: 40 Feel Good Anthems. Never Give Up. Popstars on Stage. Not for Credit. University of Wisconsin MadHatters. Nuances Gospel. Joniece Jamison. Number 1's. Stevie Wonder. Number 1's: '70s Pop. One Love [Universal].

Originals: FM Hits. Panpipes Play Elton John. Paper Sleeve Box. Ringo Starr. Main Personnel, Piano, Composer. Plays the Hits. Sexton Blake. Pop Hits: 18 Greatest. Radio 2: Top , Editie Radio Lounge. Real Karaoke: Love Songs, Vol. Rock Case Studies. Rocket Man. Rocket Man: Anthology. Rocket Man: Number Ones.

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The Christmas Collection: Chillout. The Fantastic Nitro Boy. Marty Wilde. The Greatest Songs of the Seventies. Barry Manilow. Vocals, Composer. The Platinum Collection. The Scene of the Crime. The Seventies Collection. The Silver Spectrum Collection. Elkie Brooks. The Very Best of Bobby Goldsboro. Bobby Goldsboro. The Winding Road.

Tony Furtado. This Is Stadium Anthems. Timbaland Presents Shock Value. To Mum With Love. Trancemixed: The Collection. Inspiration, Primary Artist. Triple J: Hottest , Vol. Trucker's Greatest Hits. Tu-Toned Stranger. Woody Moran. Ukulele Mike. Ultimate Hits: Best of the '70s. Ultimative Chartshow: Rockballaden. WALK WLIT WMGF Magic WWSW Patrick Burke.

Wynners 6 in 1 Box Set. The Wynners. Eagle Ice. You're Beautiful.

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