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52nd IFLA Word Congress 2015 Proceedings

Certainly, attention to the skills of the elders was attracted by the pension reform that occurred in the summer of , however, it will be possible to note its direct influence on the structure of the labor market, including the banking sector, not earlier than in a couple of years. In fact, changes in attitudes towards people of mature age began in with the adoption of an anti-discrimination law, that prohibits employers from specifying gender, nationality, marital status, place of residence and age. As a result, applicants stopped making excuses for their age, and employers did become much more tolerant to consider candidates "over 50".

From the very beginning of it was an active and positive period in terms of hiring staff in banks. There was a feeling that the stunned financial sector from the sanctions, aggravation of the geopolitical situation and the lack of economic growth passed with the end of The largest Russian banks and famous international brands offered lots of new positons, employed professionals throughout the year in various business areas: from Traders and Sales of derivatives products, Large Corporate Client Credit Analysts to Bank Retail Network Development Specialists in the Regions.

However, specialists of compliance, financial monitoring, internal audit were especially in a great demand. In Banking supervision seriously increased, a number of legislation amendments of counteracting the legalization of proceeds from crime were made.

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The main trend of also includes the ever-increasing concentration of the banking business in several largest structures. All these elements stand for the precise, calculated, harmonious, dedicated and ethical approach S. Nevertheless, S. Art gained valuable experience recruiting for many retail, corporate and investment banks from the West. Anastasia is energetic, optimistic, focused, and driven towards success.

It is in her nature to share these qualities with everyone in her life! From the second year of her education she began her banking career in the Treasury Department as a Trader. This 4-year banking experience gave Anastasia a complete understanding and clear view of the structure of banking from the inside. Her excellent HR education led Anastasia into the recruitment business for banks and financial companies.

Anastasia was rapidly promoted from recruiter to Head of foreign banking recruitment. This recruitment experience combined with a detailed knowledge of banking provided Anastasia with the skills to organize her own client-oriented recruitment boutique. She specializes in an individualistic approach to servicing commercial banks, investment companies, and international financial houses.

She has worked in internal HR in Russian and Western banks and companies for more than 10 years, and this experience lets Irina understand the needs of our clients and to be successful in business. Combining these two experiences, Ani joined Recruitment Boutique S. Art and has been recruiting staff for the banking sector, successfully filling positions for leading Russian and Western financial companies. Anna found Recruitment boutique S.

The main subjects were International relations and Comparative political science. She received her first recruitment experience during her internship in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the administrative department, where she helped with organizing the competitive selection of candidates for vacant permanent and internship positions. Taken part in the Russian-Asian Legal Association and in the Winter School of Shanghai University of Politics and Law strengthened the desire to work in a company with an international focus.

Location in two capitals: Moscow and London, cooperation with international banks and financial institutions, customer loyalty from around the world - this makes Recruitment Boutique SMART a unique place to work and develop. Recruitment boutique S. Smart Data. Senior Recruitment Consultant S. Digital native. How to reach us. Exit Oktyabrskaya underground station ring line, one exit , turn left twice after the escalator. Retail banking. Retail banking Head of retail risk modeling group. Retail banking Product analyst.

Retail banking 1 january Marketing research team lead.

Abandoned Russian village where my father was born

Retail banking Credit cards portfolio manager. Retail banking 22 may Retail Portfolio Manager Retail banking Head of retail risk modeling group International bank. Retail banking Product analyst Leading financial institution. Retail banking Marketing research team lead Leading financial institution.

Retail banking Credit cards portfolio manager International bank. Retail banking Retail Portfolio Manager International bank.

Buy Как Устроена Россия Портрет Культурного Ландшафта

Investment banking. Investment banking 24 june Investment analyst. Investment banking 10 june CIB credit analyst. Investment banking 28 february Commodity Trader Switzerland location. Investment banking 28 february Deputy Head of Commodities Trading. Investment banking Trader physical oil and refined products business Commodities Department. Investment banking Investment analyst Top 10 Bank. Investment banking CIB credit analyst. Investment banking Commodity Trader Switzerland location Top tier investment bank.

Requirements 5 years in a similar position with an international commodity trader or bank Global and specifically European physical oil and refined products markets Global oil and refined products logistics Commodity financing Responsibilities Trading and strategic management of international physical oil and refined products business Development of international physical trading business and processes Identifying opportunities for international physical oil and refined products trades off-take and financing Working with Sales and Structuring teams on specifics of deals including market risk and logistics.

Investment banking Trader physical oil and refined products business Commodities Department Investment Bank. Requirements 5 to 10 years in a similar position with an international commodity trader or bank Global and specifically European physical oil and refined products markets Global oil and refined products logistics Commodity financing Responsibilities Identifying opportunities for international physical oil and refined products trades off-take and financing Working with Sales and Structuring teams on specifics of deals including market risk and logistics.

Corporate banking. Corporate banking Account Manager. Corporate banking Reconciliation specialist. Corporate banking Head of private banking. Corporate banking 10 june Senior Quant Developer. Corporate banking 24 may Recruitment specialist. The memorandum between the two parties was signed by the Mayor of Vienna Dr. Alexander Wrabetz. The document defines the basics of the co-operation between the City and ORF.

Searching Might be an Art

All accredited participants and journalists from abroad will be able to travel on Vienna's dense public transport network free of charge. Vienna will also make available busses for delegations. Altogether, Vienna provides services for a total EUR ORF in return will be responsible of the shows and the events at the Eurovision Village as well as the Euroclub. In addition to that, ORF will also be in charge for the press and delegation facilities, logistics and security of the upcoming contest. The ORF has budgeted as an organizer 25 million euros, but is expecting revenue of about 10 mln Euros.

Stadthalle had to cancel or postpone several events, including concert of composer James Last, the horse show Apassionata, a performance by magician Ehrlich Brothers and the Pet- and Baby Expo. We are confident the city has the experience, people and the facilities to host the world's foremost entertainment event.

The Stadthalle is a very good choice for the Eurovision Song Contest — the venue has the space, capacity and know-how to run big events. Of course the contest is a very special event, but it seems to perfectly fit. And as most of the hotels will be in the city centre there will be short distances for everybody.

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One of the major doubts was whether Stadthalle will need a new air conditioning system. It was decided that it is sufficient enough, but temporary reinforcements will be possible. Among the work still required: extra dressing rooms and extra commentators cabins. ORF gave several cities the opportunity to bid to host the contest next year. In the final round, it was Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck still in the running. All candidates presented concepts for the implementation of large-scale events to ORF. Based on those, the final decision was taken.

The fact that Vienna is considered "a cosmopolitan festival of tolerance, acceptance and diversity" played one of the major roles in it's favour. Vienna also required less costs for transportation, since the public transport system of Wiener Linien was considered sufficient enough. Proposal of Vienna budgeted: 8. While the preliminary dates for Europe's favourite TV show had been announced previously for the 12th, 14th and 16th of May, however the EBU and the host broadcaster ORF agreed on changing the dates to a week later, due to the fact it fits the cities participating in the host city bid best and due to other events in the world.

Interested parties were requested to respond until 13 June The venue needs to be available for at least 6 to 7 weeks before the contest and one week after the conclusion of the contest. The chosen venue must not be open-air, but an air-conditioned building with a capacity of at least 10, and a minimum ceiling height of 15 meters, that is insulated for sound and light. The Green Room should be located in the arena or as near it as possible, with a capacity of An additional room that is at least 6, m2 that will house 2 catering stands, a viewing room, make-up rooms, wardrobe, and booths for approximately 50 commentators.

Separate offices that must be open between 11 and 24 May , that are at least 4, m2 in space to house the press centre, with a capacity for at least 1, journalists. The Basketball pitch will be turned into press conference area and Handball pitch into Press centre suitable for work of journalists. Press-center has an overall area of approximately 1, square metres. The centre is open from Sunday, the 10th of May at At least work stations are equipped with LAN cables as well as power sockets, the rest are equipped with power sockets and WiFi connection.

Printing facilities are provided. Euroweek schedule Rehearsals: Press-conferences: 17 May, - red carpet event and Official welcome ceremony, Wiener Rathaus Opening of Eurovillage and Euroclub. Euroclub will be the gathering point of about accredited journalists and delegates from the participating countries. Euroclub will offer press opportunities for the organization of interviews with participating artists, as well as for the delegations to organize there own national parties or take part in a joint live performances. The important thing is that this year official Euroclub will be opened only on Sunday, May 17, following the Opening ceremony.

The club will then operate every day till the After-final party and will offer daily capacity for persons. From Sunday 17th May until Saturday 23rd May, every day at noon there is a very limited amount of tickets available for EuroClub for that same evening for OGAE members not accredited at the contest.

Maximum one ticket per ID card will be given. Not only will the songs provide each floor with a name, but also you will come across the "Number One" hits of the past 60 years everywhere — partly in very surprising places. A provided instrument set invites the artists of all nations to create unique jam sessions and joint live performances together.

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A short rest is a wonderful thing and can rejuvenate any body and mind May 17, Sunday, May 18 - May 22, May 20, Wednesday, - Oikotimes party. May 23, Saturday, I am particularly pleased that it is located very close to the venue Wiener Stadhalle itself". Ottakringer Brauerei Ottakringer Platz 1 is served by trams 2, 9, 44 J. It is located 1. It is also served by nightline N46, operating twice per hour. The taxi stand is located to the north, at Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz.

Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University

After the shows 19th, 21st and 23rd of May the tram line 9 will be reinforced with Euroclub trams. They stop at Beingasse, and then go non-stop to the Euroclub. The letter "O" on your accreditation Ottakringer Brauerei guarantees you access to this Eurovision tram. Late at night, a Nightline N46 will substitute for the tram in getting you to the city centre.

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