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I used them in this example to illustrate what the differences would look like in a side-by-side comparison.

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For a doctor, knowing the difference between a patient having two glasses of wine over the course of the past few months or that patient drinking Scotch with every meal over that same span is pretty important. One of the coolest things about Metrics Review is the flexibility of it. Is it a place for people to call out specific numbers, reports, scores, etc.

The First Circle

However, Glassfrog is constructed so that you can actually add links into your metrics. Tracking month-over-month progress in an excel sheet?

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You can use your Metric item to review the sheet in front of the group. To aid in that, here are six questions that can provide insight when crafting valuable Metrics:. If yes, great! If not, maybe we can just discuss it when a tension arises. Request that Metric be reported on a basis that makes sense based on the availability of the data and your needs.


How to Teach Piano - Creative Music Education

Or do you just know that someone has access to the information you need? In a different circle, however, I know that Janae holds a role which requires her to attend the monthly leadership roundtable meetings. The information discussed in these meetings is valuable to my Budget Wizard role, as budget allocation is usually a topic of debate. Therefore, it would seem like the natural fit for this report would be in Metrics Review.

The First Circle

If you need data to provide context to actions being taken, great! Add it in. If you just want to know if something is done or not, then perhaps this makes more sense as a Checklist item. Good Metrics inform, great Metrics lay the groundwork for productive conversations. Arranger Joris van der Herten.

Mystery Antarctic circle means ice is melting from surface down

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Ada Ruth Habershon Wikipedia article.