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  3. 10 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session

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Frame it up: Have the family frame themselves by holding a picture frame, Modern Family -style.

Family Portrait Clothing Ideas

Taking it outdoors is always a good option for family photos. The great outdoors can offer beautiful natural lighting and gorgeous background landscapes. It will also give you a chance to show off your outdoor shooting skills on your portrait photography portfolio. Try these outdoor family photoshoot tips. Use the golden hour: As with most types of outdoor photography, shooting during the golden hour can make your photos more powerful by bathing the family in warm light, creating long shadows, and making everything seem to glow.

Try shooting the family with the sun at their backs to get a halo of light around them just make sure to follow the usual rules for shooting backlit images.

Family Portraits Dos and Don’ts

Choose the right location: While it may be tempting to choose an outdoor family photo location based on the landscape alone, you should, ideally, choose a spot that has some significance to the family because it will make the photo more meaningful. Let it rain: Get the family suited up in their rain gear and umbrellas and shoot in the rain for some cute family pictures. Having everyone in their raincoats—with a wet, reflective look to everything—can make for a striking image. Let the kids play in a puddle for some added fun! Photographing large families can involve some challenges, such as how to position everyone in the shot, but it also offers some more opportunities for creative family photos.

Group couples: If your portrait is going to include extended family, try grouping couples and immediate family members together. It will give you more freedom in how to position people, as opposed to dealing with a single large group. In addition, it puts the focus on the close relationships that make up the family. Take the stairs: Try shooting the family on a set of stairs. It will make it a lot easier to get everyone in the picture by arranging them in levels without the need for sitting or kneeling.

10 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session

It also makes for a nice background if you can shoot on the steps of a family home. Taking a step back and letting people get creative with their poses will make for a better and more genuine family portrait. Another way to make your family photos more interesting is by finding ways to incorporate the season.

Pink - Family portrait Lyrics

By using different props, clothing, and activities, you can create family picture themes that suit the time of year. And if you do a great job, it can encourage clients to come back to get portraits for every season! Use some fall props: Include things like pumpkins, rakes, leaves, fall centerpieces, and heritage blankets with autumn colors.

Find classic autumnal spot: Choose a location with lots of bright-leaved trees or another autumn-related landscape like a pumpkin patch, cornfield, orchard, or barn.

Play with leaves: Have the kids jump in a leaf pile or throw some leaves into the air. Use Christmas props: Include items like presents, mugs of hot chocolate, or a Christmas tree. Break out the winter gear: have the family wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters, fake antlers, ski suits, or other festive clothing and accessories.

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Can we be a family?

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