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  1. Illinois Unclaimed Property – Official State Site
  2. How to Find Unclaimed Money With Your Name On It

Illinois Unclaimed Property – Official State Site

This efficient online feature allows your claim to be processed quicker than traditional paper claims. If a paper claim is needed, you will see instructions on how to complete the required documents. Start your search for property here. Some people have reported receiving official-looking emails or letters with instructions to contact a private attorney or pay upfront fees for help with recovering lost property for them or a family member.

How to Find Unclaimed Money With Your Name On It

It is a violation of California law for people or companies to falsely identify themselves as representing a government official. If you receive a suspicious solicitation from a non-governmental source, the Controller recommends that you do not share personal information with the sender. Skip to main content. By law, banks, insurance companies, or other businesses must attempt to contact the owner of property when it appears to be abandoned.

Businesses holding unclaimed property

If the owner doesn't respond, the property is considered abandoned. Businesses and organizations are required by law to review their records for unclaimed property and report the property to the Department. Commerce is responsible for safeguarding these funds while continuously attempting to find the owners of the unclaimed property until claimed by the rightful owners or heirs.

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When using Missing Money to claim property, one of the following options may appear to initiate the claim:. Photocopied and faxed claim forms are not accepted and all claims forms must completed in full with notarized signatures.

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If your property was interest-bearing when it was delivered to the state, you are entitled to interest. You may make a claim for interest by submitting documentation supporting your interest claim.

Free Search For Unclaimed Money - Find Unclaimed Cash

If the required documentation is not included with the claim form, the Unclaimed Property program will send a letter requesting missing documentation, which will result in a longer processing time. Table of Heirship. To ensure timely processing, make sure that claim forms are completed in full, notarized, have all original signatures, and are accompanied with all of the required documents.

Faxed or photocopied claims form are not accepted, please be sure to mail the original completed claims to the address provided on the form. Never Too Early to Start!