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The girl smiled reassuringly, flashing straight white teeth as she brushed strand of hair out of her eyes before holding out her hands palm up. The girl looked strangely familiar and Chloe's blue eyes moved up to meet the girl's brown ones to see the amusement dancing the depths of them as well as genuine surprise. But why would she be the surprised one in this situation?

I just thought you might like to know. I mean, it'll help you since you don't seem to know where you're going," the girl explained as she slowly lowered her hands.

Gian Piero de Bellis

Because, if you are, you definitely doing a great job of it. Chloe frowned, looking down at the map that was on the floor. Blowing out a sigh through her nose, she looked up at the girl again. Because I'm—". I'll take you to the dorms, just follow me. I'm Mila, by the way. Mila turned around and walked down the hall, Chloe scurrying to keep up with her long strides as they went down the hall. As they went, Chloe took a good look at her savior.

Like Chloe, she was in casual clothing instead of the school uniform, rocking a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt. This struck Chloe as odd, since it was the middle of a school day and classes were going on all around. Mila must have been skipping classes. Except that she didn't look like someone who would skip class. With her dark hair pulled back in a long Katniss style braid with a few wisps of hair framing her face, Mila looked like she was someone who would be in class early, not skip class and not wear her uniform.

Maybe she just needed a day off , Chloe thought as they turned another corner. But as they continued walking, something about the girl kept tugging at her mind until finally, it clicked into place. Your last name wouldn't happen to be Andrews, would it?

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Mila's eyes clouded over for a moment before clearing with recognition and an even brighter smile than before. Saunders kid. You played—oh, what was it—Princess, no, Pirate Jasmine, right? Chloe smiled at the thought, more from the nostalgia the memory brought on rather than the actually memory in general. She hadn't played with her Jasmine doll in… probably ten years, maybe a little bit longer.

A young woman, bereft since the death of her twin, tries to forge a new, singular identity

She hadn't even picked it up since the night of the accident. Actually, when she thought about it, she wasn't sure what had happened to the doll. One day it had been there and then it wasn't. But then again, at that time it felt like a lot of things were there one moment and disappeared the next. Actually, I probably still am , Chloe thought dryly as she looked over at Mila again. She hadn't really meant it like that but she was curious as to why someone that was over twenty would best strolling around their old high school in the middle of the day instead of being at University or a job. Mila looked over at her with a rueful smile before leading Chloe around another corner.

It's just something about this place makes me want to stick around. A real home away from home feeling, if you catch my drift. D-wing was actually where I was housed too when I went here. Chloe nodded, but she felt as though it was a lie. Just something in the way that Mila had said it didn't seem right. Maybe it was from the change of her posture or the slight tightening of her mouth, but Chloe was almost certain that Mila wasn't telling the entire truth.

Not that she really was owed that.

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She hadn't even seen Chloe in ten years, and even then, she was only a snot-nosed brat that was attached to her income. Shaking off the feeling of wrong, she looked around to see that they were coming up to a set of stairs in a different part of the school. This part of the school, like the rest, was as immaculate as ever and had a few windows scattered along the walls in a seemingly random pattern. Usually, leaders are given a group of newbies and they show them the ropes of the school.

The basics. But you've come in a month after school started so I'm guessing that you get a one-on-one guide. I hope for your sake that it's a smoking guy, cause these things can be long and tedious. Chloe smiled wryly. She'd been through her fill of guides before and there wasn't anything they could show her that she hadn't seen before. From public school to high school, they were all the same.

If you like straitjackets, this game is for you | Britannia | BoardGameGeek

People who were too peppy trying to get you to join every club in the world and then never speaking to you again after it was done. I think I would take my chances with the map , Chloe thought wryly. I have my room key, though. You're in room D Jeez, that's a lot of stairs.

You're almost at the top level. Until you hit the fifth floor and from there, well, I think you'll be able to find the dorm relatively easily. Cause you know where I'll be. And Chloe—" Mila cut off suddenly, looking behind her for a moment before staring back at Chloe with a different look. Actually, it felt more like she was staring around Chloe rather than actually at Chloe. Whatever Mila was looking at seemed to surprise her since she took in a sharp breath before shaking her head, as if to clear out something that was fogging up her mind. I liked talking to you, we should… do it again, sometime.

Chloe smiled warily, but nodded all the same. Mila seemed nice but she wasn't really looking to settle down here. Not in this town. But it wouldn't hurt to have someone to talk to every now and again. Chloe turned and started up the stairs to her dorm, but something urged her to turn back just once. Call it intuition, a spider sense, anything you want really, but something in her core was telling her to turn around and look.

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  6. And even though following her instincts had been the reason she was here in the first place, she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right here. But when she turned around, there was nothing there. The hallway was empty and Mila was nowhere to be seen. But… that wasn't possible. Chloe had only made it up a few stairs and Mila had made it down the entire hallway?

    That wasn't possible. There must have been a side hallway somewhere that I missed , she thought reasonably as she continued up the stairs, but she couldn't help the pit that was making itself known in her stomach. She hadn't even heard Mila leave, no squeak of shoes going down the hallway or anything. Actually, come to think of it, she hadn't heard them on the way here either. But that didn't really mean much because Chloe's shoes didn't make sounds like that either.

    Chloe tried to force the thoughts out of her head, looking around at her surroundings instead. The staircase as a spiral, going straight up in essence but around in a few loops as it went. Every completed loop was another level up. The walls of the staircase were just like outside the rest of the building but as Chloe placed her hand on the wall, she realized that they were smooth.

    The people who designed it must have gone to great lengths to make sure that the stones were sanded to the perfect texture so that they weren't rough against the skin. The stairs had lights all over, but the windows were what shone in the light at the moment, the natural light making the stones glitter. There were also portraits on the walls of people with descriptions behind them. They seemed to vary form new to old in no particular pattern as the staircase continued. Just before Chloe reached the fifth floor, she came to a dead stop below a picture of a dark-haired girl with her hair pulled back into a braid with wisps of it framing her face as she gave the camera a soft smile.

    Though she was wearing her uniform in this picture, there was no mistaking the dark-haired girl in the picture. Tearing her eyes away, Chloe looked at the caption underneath the picture. Gone but never forgotten.

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    When Carol kills, she disguises herself as her mother, even wearing a mask she created to duplicate her mother's head and face. All this has been done in the hopes that somehow, with Michael's parents out of the way, she could marry the handsome, wealthy young man. As the film ends, Lucy calmly accepts her responsibility for her daughter's illness and hatred and announces that she is going to visit Carol in the hospital where she is now confined. Strait-Jacket is one of the more notable examples of the genre sometimes referred to as psycho-biddy or Grande Dame Guignol.


    Crawford replaced Joan Blondell in the role of Lucy Harbin after Blondell was injured at home prior to shooting and could not fulfill her commitment. Anne Helm , who was originally cast in the role as Carol, was replaced by Diane Baker, reportedly at Crawford's insistence. Baker and Crawford had appeared together in the film The Best of Everything Baker asserted that the original actress for her part, Anne Helm, had numerous problems with Crawford.

    According to Baker, Crawford said, "it wasn't working out, her timing was off, she wasn't getting it, she wasn't seeing eye-to-eye, or she wasn't working the way Crawford wanted to work" on the 'making-of' featurette on the DVD of the film. During the film's original release, moviegoers were given little cardboard axes as they entered the theater. At the end of the closing credits, the Columbia logo's torch-bearing woman is shown in her traditional pose, but decapitated, with her head resting at her feet on her pedestal. Critics disliked the film but praised Crawford's performance, the general critical consensus being that she was better than the material.

    Variety noted, "Miss Crawford does well by her role, delivering an animated performance. Bosley Crowther , however, wrote a scathing review of both the film and Crawford's performance in The New York Times , declaring, "Joan Crawford has picked some lemons, some very sour lemons, in her day, but nigh the worst of the lot is "Strait-Jacket". He goes on to call the film a "disgusting piece of claptrap.

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    Coe of The Washington Post also hated the film, calling it "likely to stand as the worst picture of the year Apart from the absurdity of the plot and the chilling predictability of lines and situations, 'Strait-Jacket' is inexcusable for its scenes of violence. The film has reasonably high reviews on the Internet Movie Database , with a score of 6. Assisted by Castle's promotion gimmicks, including in-person appearances by Crawford, the film was a big hit. Factory released the film on Blu-ray on August 21, DisclaimerI love iterations!!!

    I love iterations!!! Are real-life projects andsituations more complex thanexamples used in Agile books? Are we missing the Bigpicture if we focus on iteration too much? There is a life beyond iterationWhat needs to How to split time between work forbe done before current iteration and an iteration?

    How to see the big picture while staying Agile? Requirements However, for various reasons it becomes 9 points story. No BDUF! We can always refactor later Complex changes can takes weeks or even months to complete High level architectural visioninstead of detailed architectural Roadmap Prioritization of Design Work Consider Several Alternatives Lean Principle - consider several alternatives and to keep those alternatives "open" to us as long as they remain viable Change Case ModelingDescription A couple of sentences or a paragraph describing the basic idea Likelihood Rating of how likely the change case is to occur e.

    Use Spikes to separate research from Implementation Testing Test Strategy cannot be limited to an iteration Business vs. Development