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Compassion for the world and human beings The Prayer Intentions, proposed each month by the Holy Father to the Church, offer Catholics a spiritual pathway to enter into communion and compassion with the challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. Furthermore it inspires both the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. This spiritual itinerary, which integrates these two inseparable elements of Christian life, is a school of the heart, as it infuses the very feelings of the Heart of Jesus in the real-life story of each of His disciples.

For this reason, in , Pope St. This may be done when celebrating the Eucharist. This form of participation can be adopted spontaneously by people, groups or movements. This relationship may involve participating in the activities promoted by the National Office training initiatives, national gatherings, days of prayer, etc. This membership and commitment can take place on a personal level or with a group or community. It may also take the form of a personal consecration. This prayer and apostolic readiness is always in union with Mary, the Queen of the Apostles. They will inform the National Office of their commitment to truly and consciously integrate with the network.

Those who are part of these communities commit themselves, individually or as a group, to journey through life according to the spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. Furthermore, they will support our youth branch, the Eucharistic Youth Movement, wherever it exists, or engage in youth ministry parishes, schools, etc. They have a diocesan structure and follow their own internal educational and procedural structures. Consecration, or alliance with Jesus, is realised by following the guidelines of the National Office and in coordination with the International Office.

Article 6 The General Council is composed of the International Director, where possible a Jesuit, appointed by the Holy Father on the proposal of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus13, for a three-year renewable term; and five members appointed by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, for a three-year renewable term. Article 7 The General Council will meet at least twice a year. The meeting is convoked by the International Director or, in extraordinary circumstances, by three council members. To receive information from the International Director on the state of the PWPN and the EYM, as well as other projects that are being undertaken, at least twice a year.

The Superior General will then choose one name to be presented to the Supreme Pontiff. To approve the annual budget and business accounts. In particular, the National Director will be able to facilitate coordination between the PWPN in the various dioceses of a country.

To appoint the Regional or National Directors, having first consulted the Major Superior of the Society of Jesus and sought approval from the relevant Episcopal Conference. To hold, as often as possible, continental meetings with the National or Regional Directors and the National Coordinators. Where possible, the National or Regional Director will be a Jesuit, and this mission will be his principal responsibility.

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In this case they will be in direct contact with the International Director. The working group will be comprised of people active in the Church, especially lay people, but also priests or members of religious congregations, appointed by the Director.

Who is the Holy Spirit? - Apostle Renny McLean - May 20, 2018

If it is not possible to name a National Director, the International Director can name a National Coordinator to be the point of reference for the Episcopal Conference. They are always answerable to a Regional Director. Article 10 In each diocese, if it seems appropriate15, the local Ordinary can appoint a Diocesan Director, following discussion with the National or Regional Director.

This Director may be a priest, a member of a religious congregation, or a lay person The aim of these meetings is to foster mutual support and coordinate shared plans and pastoral activities. Article 12 In order to foster community forms of participation, local groups or communities can come together spontaneously, with their corresponding coordinators. This new aspect differs from the Statutes, in which the appointment of a Diocesan Director was necessary in any diocese where the Apostleship of Prayer was active.

This point is also a change from the Statutes, where the Diocesan Director had to be a priest. Article 13 The PWPN and the EYM have the civil capacity to acquire, retain, administer and sell temporal goods, according to the legal policies in each country. Genesis speaks of the Spirit moving on the face of the waters. Genesis gives us a glimpse of the Trinity working in harmony to create man.

Psalm also speaks of the Spirit's part in creation. In 2 Corinthians , Paul says the letter of the law kills, but the Spirit gives life. In John Jesus also says that the Spirit makes us alive. Romans The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible. The Holy Spirit works with the Father and the Son. There are some Scriptures in the Old Testament that refer to God.

Acts of the Apostles

Isaiah refers to God speaking. Acts quotes the same verse, but says the Holy Spirit said it. In Jeremiah God made a covenant. In Hebrews it says the Holy Spirit made the covenant. Psalm speaks of hearing God's voice. Hebrews refers to the Holy Spirit speaking there. Acts tells the story of Ananias and Sapphira who "lied to the Holy Ghost. In 2 Corinthians , Paul speaks of the Lord as the Spirit and makes a direct association of One with the Other. We deal with God through Jesus John and Hebrews God deals with us through the Holy Spirit Romans When we exist on the fleshly level, we are ruled by our bodies, and our souls and spirits are in second and third place.

When we are born again, our spirits are moved to the dominant position and the Holy Spirit takes control. He helps us to conform to the image of Christ. When we are born again, we enter the dimension of the Spirit. In this dimension, we can be taught by Him to understand the things of God that are beyond the reach of our experience or intellect 2 Corinthians The Holy Spirit brings the Scriptures that we have read or heard to our remembrance John It is so good to have the right Scripture come to mind when we need it. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth John He will give us the discernment to judge between true and false teachings.

If we will open our hearts and read the Bible with the Spirit as our Guide, we will not stray from the truth and we will have all we need to live the Christian life 2 Peter The Holy Spirit will show us things to come John The Spirit will help us to understand the prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation and Ezekiel.

Since we are living in the last days, these prophecies are becoming more clear each day. Acts contains the promise by the Father to give the Holy Spirit to the believers. In Acts we learn that the Holy Spirit gives us the power to live the Christian life as a witness for God. It is impossible to live the Christian life without the power of the Spirit within us Romans , Galatians , Matthew The word "power" in Greek is "dunamis" from which we derive the English word "dynamic".

Before Peter received the power of the Holy Spirit, he was afraid to be identified with Jesus Mark even though he wanted to Mark After he received the power, he witnessed boldly to the same group of people who had tried Jesus Acts , even telling them that there was no salvation apart from Christ. Then when Peter went back to the Christians, they prayed for greater boldness v.

We must allow the Holy Spirit to change us within, rather than trying to change the outside ourselves and then hoping we will change within Romans 8 As we yield each area of our lives to the Spirit, He conforms us into the image of Christ. In Matthew Jesus told the disciples that they had to be more righteous than the scribes and Pharisees, who rigidly followed the law, if they wanted to enter the kingdom of heaven.

In Matthew Jesus gave illustrations of how the law should be kept. The Pharisees practiced an outward righteousness that conformed to the law, but Jesus said the law required inward purity also. In the last verse of Matthew 5 , Jesus told them to be perfect even as the heavenly Father is perfect.

Since we cannot reach the standard of righteousness that God requires, He has given us another way to come to Him. In John when the people asked Jesus what they should do in order to do the works of God, He told them to "believe on Him Whom He hath sent. When we invite Christ into our lives, the Spirit of God also comes in and begins to work within us to make us more like Christ 2 Corinthians Jesus is the example of what God intended man to be when He created him Genesis God's Spirit works in us to change us into the likeness of Christ Ephesians God's predestined purpose for us was to conform us into the image of His Son Romans When we see the divine ideal for man in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit changes us from glory to glory into that same image 2 Corinthians We have to see Christ with an open or "unveiled" face, a face that is not blinded to the truth.

We can only see Christ in the Word and we need the Spirit to make the Word alive to our hearts 2 Peter We become sons of God, not through any righteousness of our own, but by our faith in Jesus Christ John , Romans As we become more like Christ, our problems arise from living as redeemed spirits in unredeemed bodies. We desire to be delivered from these bodies of flesh so that we can enjoy the full, rich, overflowing life in the spirit 1 John , 2 Corinthians , Romans , As the Holy Spirit continues to work in us, we find that our joy is in growing continually more conformed to the image of Christ.

The mark of the Christian is the agape love flowing through him John It is supernatural love.

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Paul begins his description of agape by giving it the supremacy over other spiritual gifts v. Agape is also more important than sacrificing our possessions or our bodies v. Agape love receives abuse again and again and at the end it is still kind v. The word "easily" was inserted by the translators.

Love is not provoked v. When agape love flows through us, we know that we have passed from death into life 1 John We cannot generate agape love when we need it. When we find ourselves lacking in love, we need to ask God to fill our hearts with agape by His Holy Spirit. Our flesh battles with the Spirit when we want to do the right thing Galatians In Galatians the works of the flesh are contrasted with the fruit of the Spirit. The realm of works is the realm of the flesh. Fruit is God's method; it is the natural consequence of relationship.

As we abide in Christ, we bear fruit. When we bear fruit, the Father washes and cleanses us so that we will continue to bear. If we do not abide in Christ, we will not be able to produce fruit John While the gifts of the Spirit are valuable and necessary, Paul recommends the fruit of the Spirit as "a more excellent way" 1 Corinthians There is one fruit of the Spirit followed by eight adjectives that define the super natural love of God. Joy is love's consciousness. When we love, we are so filled with joy that even normally miserable tasks are pleasurable.

Peace is more than the cessation of hostilities. Love that wishes no ill is the basis for true peace. Longsuffering is the characteristic of love that makes us kind after being continually mistreated, without keeping track of the offenses. Love is the only positive motive for goodness.

Some people are "good" because they fear the consequences of doing something wrong, but that is not true goodness. The faith mentioned in this verse is not the gift of the Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians but is a loving trust in people. These characteristics of agape love are the result of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives. The natural man cannot understand the things of God because he does not have the Holy Spirit to teach him 1 Corinthians The Spirit has revealed unto us the things God has prepared for us because we love Him 1 Corinthians These are things that God has for His people now, not heavenly things.

Many people try to discover what the Bible is all about by approaching it with their human intellect. They cannot understand spiritual things without the Holy Spirit to open their minds 1 Corinthians , so it appears foolish to them. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would be our teacher John When we sit down to read the Bible, we should always begin by asking the Holy Spirit to open our minds and hearts to receive and understand what we are reading 1 John The Word of God is our spiritual food and we cannot grow as Christians without it.

It is important that we read the Bible to plant the Scriptures in our minds for the Holy Spirit to bring them to our remembrance when we need them John , Psalm The Holy Spirit guides us into the truth of God and shows us the things that are going to happen so that we are prepared John , 1 Thessalonians When Jesus ministered here on earth, He was restricted to being in one place at a time. The Holy Spirit can be everywhere at once because He is not limited by a body John Since the Word was to go out to all parts of the earth, Jesus could minister to the Church more effectively by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would reprove the world of sin because people do not believe in Him John The only sin that condemns a man is the continual rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour John This sin is also the unpardonable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. The Holy Spirit reproves the world of righteousness because Jesus ascended into heaven John When God received Jesus up into heaven, He was setting the standard of righteousness a man would have to meet to be acceptable to God.

The Holy Spirit reproves the world of judgment because the prince of this world Satan is judged John When Jesus went to the cross and died in our place, Satan lost his power over us to force us to do those things that are contrary to God's righteousness Colossians Our old nature, which was subject to sin and to Satan, was put to death at the cross of Christ Romans What does it mean when we sin? It means that we have not appropriated what God has made available to us through the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit. We need to consciously yield to the power of the Spirit and to that victory of Christ over Satan.

Any power that Satan exerts in our lives today is usurped because he has no authority over us and no right to try to control us. If we demand in the name of Jesus Christ that Satan go, then he must. When we pray to ask God for His help in removing Satan from our lives, we should be very specific, because Satan is so stubborn that he won't want to relinquish any foothold that he does not have to. Also, once he is driven out, he will launch a counter-attack to win the area back, so remember to hold onto what you take through the power of the Holy Spirit by continual prayer.

The Bible says that in the last days there will be "distress of nations, with perplexity" Luke The word translated "perplexity" also means "no way out. In verse 3 the "falling away" refers to the departure of the Church. This will be the time when Jesus Christ will come for His Church. He will not return to earth at this time, but we will be caught up "snatched up" in Greek to meet Him in the air.

His second coming will occur seven years later when He returns to earth with His Church to establish His kingdom Colossians , Jude 14 , Revelation The "son of perdition" is the Antichrist, who will cause his image to be set up in the temple in Jerusalem v. This is the "abomination of desolation" prophesied in Daniel , , , and in Matthew Verse 6 refers to the power of the Holy Spirit in withholding or hindering Satan from presenting the Antichrist to a world that has been conditioned to accept him.

The economy will stabilize when the Antichrist introduces his identification number system to use in buying and selling Revelation People are using credit cards for more and more purchases, so they are used to using a number in business transactions. There is no charismatic, strong political leader on the scene right now. People have lost confidence in their political systems and are looking for a man with the answers Daniel - "Week" refers to 7 years here.

People are tired of the troubled Mideast situation and of the continual wars around the world. The spirit of Antichrist is already at work in the world v. Satan would like to put this master deceiver in power now v.

Proven Ministry By Benjamin Maira

In Revelation the rapture of the Church occurs and the next big event on earth is the appearance of the Antichrist riding a white horse symbolizing his false righteousness and leading the people to believe that he has brought a lasting peace Revelation As Christians we should not be concerned with looking for the Antichrist, but we should be looking for the glorious appearance of Jesus Christ Luke , Matthew , Romans In Ephesians Paul lists the wonderful blessings we have as children of God.

We are blessed by being chosen, predestined, accepted redeemed, and forgiven. God also makes His will known to us and gives an inheritance to us. In verse 13 Paul talks about the Christian being sealed "with that Holy Spirit of promise. After we believe, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit. In the days when the Bible was written, the seal was used primarily as a stamp of ownership.

Roman merchants would travel to Ephesus to choose their goods, stamp them with their signet rings, and then return home. When their goods arrived at the port near Rome, the merchants claimed their merchandise that they had sealed. Once we believe, God claims us as His possessions. The seal of God's ownership is the Holy Spirit indwelling our lives. Speaking of God, Paul says, "Who hath also sealed us and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts. The Holy Spirit is not only the seal of God's ownership, but He is the down payment until He redeems us as His purchased possession.

In Ephesians we are told, "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Our redemption will not be complete until we are freed from our bodies. Paul speaks of the Christian being "burdened" with a body 2 Corinthians and of all creation groaning, waiting for the redemption of our bodies Romans Paul also speaks of the new bodies God will give to us as a "building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" 2 Corinthians , while he refers to our present bodies as tents Tabernacles.

We think of tents as temporary dwellings while a house is permanent. Our redemption by God will include new heavenly bodies that will not be subject to the pain, fatigue, or temptations of the flesh. In Revelation 5 John describes the scene in heaven as Jesus completes the redemption. Jesus purchased the earth with His death on the cross and then sealed all those who accepted salvation through Him. Now we are waiting for God to finish His work of redemption in us, and it will take place very soon. In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul discusses the proper balance of the use of the gifts of the Spirit within the Church.

In verse 1 the word "gifts" was added by the translators. Paul used the word "pneumatikos" which means "spirituals. In verse 7 Paul tells the Corinthians that "the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. Instead, the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit are to benefit the whole Church.

God does not give the gifts to exalt individuals, He gives them to exalt Jesus Christ. The one exception to this rule about gifts is the gift of tongues. The gift of tongues is given to build up the believer. Paul spoke of the abundant use of tongues in his own prayer life but he said, "He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself.

Just as there are diversities of gifts and diversities of operations 1 Corinthians so there are different parts and functions in the Body.

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Paul often makes the analogy that the body of Christ is like the human body 1 Corinthians , Ephesians Romans When we see the Church as a body, we should see Christ as the head He should be in charge, directing the body. The Holy Spirit is the nervous system of the body, taking the messages from Jesus to the various parts of the body and then coordinating them for smooth movement. Every part of the body has a vital function to perform.

We have to function in that place in the body where God has put us without striving or feeling jealous of those put in other places. If our lives don't seem to be flowing, we should check to see that we are involved in Spirit-directed endeavors rather than in activities that we have chosen for ourselves. The Spirit is sovereign in the bestowing of spiritual gifts 1 Corinthians , the Holy Spirit decides what my gift in the body shall be.

The body needs all of its parts to function properly. We need to gather together for worship, fellowship, and ministry. We should be sensitive to each other, suffering with another member when he suffers, and rejoicing sincerely with another member when he is exalted 1 Corinthians ; Romans In Ephesians 4 Paul discusses the ministry gifts within the body. In verse 12 Paul says the purpose of the ministry gifts is to perfect the saints and to edify "build up" the body of Christ.

In verse 13 we read that the Holy Spirit is working in the body to bring us to "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. In verses Paul again makes the point that the Holy Spirit uses the gifts to build up the body of Christ. In Romans 12 Paul explains how we receive the gifts of the Spirit, how we can be used of God, and how we can find our place in the body.

In verses 1 and 2 Paul says that we can know God's perfect will for our lives by presenting our bodies to him "holy and acceptable" and as "a living sacrifice. We cannot allow ourselves to be conformed to worldly patterns, we must be transformed to godliness by "renewing our minds,' that is, by seeking God and waiting on Him for direction. In verse 3 Paul prefaces his remarks about spiritual gifts with a warning that we not think too highly of ourselves. One of the greatest dangers in the use of the spiritual gifts is pride.

We need to constantly be aware that God is demonstrating His grace when He uses us, because we are worthless sinners without Him. God is looking for instruments through which He might do the work that He desires to do in the world 2 Chronicles If our hearts and lives are in harmony with the purposes of God, He will use us as channels for His love, power and Spirit to flow to the needy world. The Holy Spirit was given to help us to become aligned with God's purpose and plan.

When we received salvation we also received the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, but there is a deeper relationship we can experience. In John John tells of Jesus promising that those who drink of the water He gives will have torrents of water gushing from them. John explains that Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit. We can have the Spirit flowing from our lives in torrents. In Acts Peter and John went to Samaria to pray that the believers would receive the Holy Spirit "for as yet He was fallen upon the epi experience none of them.

In Acts Paul went to Ephesus and prayed that the believers there would receive the Holy Spirit. In 1 Corinthians Paul commands us to earnestly desire the "best gifts. If you need to communicate to God the praise and the love that is deep within your heart, the best gift for that circumstance is tongues 1 Corinthians If someone is sick, the best gift for that situation is the gift of healing. If we are open to God and walking in the Spirit, He can manifest any of the gifts through us. Usually we are given a particular gift, though.

In 1 Corinthians Paul gives a partial list of the gifts of the Spirit. All these gifts are exercised through faith, as Paul mentions in Romans concerning the gift of prophecy. There is a difference between the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge. Knowledge is the assimilation of facts; wisdom is the proper application of knowledge. When Stephen stood before the council, the Holy Spirit gave him the word of wisdom Acts 7.

When Paul stood before the council, the Holy Spirit gave him the word of wisdom also Acts When the chief priests and elders tried to trap Jesus with tricky questions, He had the word of wisdom in operation when He answered Luke , Matthew James was given the word of wisdom when the Church had to settle the Gentile issue Acts One of the big problems of the Christian life is determining whether something has come from our own minds or as inspiration from God.

Peter had this problem when he declared that Jesus was God's Son by the inspiration of the Spirit, and then rebuked Jesus by thoughts from Satan Matthew To help us with this problem, God has given the gift of the discerning of spirits v. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to us according to His will. Though He may give two people the same gift, the gift may operate differently in them diversities of operations - 1 Corinthians Jesus often manifested the gift of the word of knowledge Colossians When Nathaniel was brought to Jesus, the Lord told him what he had been doing earlier John Jesus sent His disciples into town and told them how it would be when they were there Mark , Luke Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, open its mouth and remove a coin, and pay the tax man Matthew Elisha exercised the word of knowledge more fully than most of the Old Testament prophets.

He warned the king of Israel of the Syrian king's plans 2 Kings He told his servant Gehazi what was in Gehazi's mind 2 Kings He told the Shunammite woman that she would have a son the next year 2 Kings When the Shunammite woman's son died, the Lord did not reveal it to Elisha, and Elisha was surprised because he was so accustomed to knowing what was happening 2 Kings We know from this that the gifts of God are totally His to control and not something we can operate of our own volition. When Paul went to Rome by ship, he warned the men on board that they would lose the ship Acts Later, Paul told them that no one on board would die Acts but that they would be cast up on an island.

We need to have times for meditation when we consciously seek to hear God's voice to have the word of knowledge, though sometimes God gives it to us when we are in the midst of other things. In Revelation Jesus commended the church at Ephesus because they could discern spirits. They recognized the false apostles and rejected their teaching. False prophets or teachers often say mostly true things. We must listen very carefully because their lies are subtle and the errors they teach are damning.

People are often taken in by false prophets because they don't listen carefully. They are lulled by the truth in the message and do not catch the lies. Another reason people are led astray by false teaching is that they really don't know God's Word. They haven't grounded their faith in the Bible by careful study.

See if he puts a strong emphasis on money. When God guides, God provides. Jesus commanded us to "have faith in God" Mark and He gave us the capacity to fulfill His command Romans , Hebrews Hebrews 11 deals with faith from God. Faith is believing what we cannot see v. Faith helps us to do the impossible v. If we know God we will not limit His work in our lives. His Word will give us the proper concept of Him Romans Our faith in God is not blind. The man of faith often sees more than others can see 2 Kings ; Hebrews There is "saving faith" Ephesians and "active faith" Exodus ; Joshua 3 , Joshua 6.

The men of active faith see more in the promise of God to deliver them than in the power of the enemy to destroy them. This faith is more than just believing-it is stepping out. The gift of faith must be used in love 1 Corinthians All the gifts of the Spirit are received and exercised by faith Romans Sometimes several gifts of the Spirit are in operation at the same time but the Spirit makes everything harmonious and never interrupts Himself Acts , Acts , Acts Peter said that faith in Jesus and the faith by Jesus healed a man Acts Satan waits at the foot of every spiritual mountain to destroy our faith Matthew Our faith is tested when we don't see immediate results after we have stepped out in faith.

Sometimes there is a time interval before God makes His move and we must wait for Him with faith and patience Hebrews , , , James If we cannot believe in God, we cannot believe in miracles, Acts A miracle is God operating according to laws higher than the laws of nature that we know and understand. He supersedes the laws we know Isaiah ; Colossians There are things we accept today that would have been considered miracles a hundred years ago.

When a law of nature is superseded by another law, the law of nature is not negated. It is dangerous to follow after miracles because not all miracles are of God; some are of Satan and meant to deceive 2 Thessalonians If we have the gift of miracles operating through us, there is a temptation to use miracles for our own benefit Luke There is a danger that we will accept adulation from people for miracles performed through us Acts He will use us if we have been crucified with Christ and are letting Christ live through us Galatians If we have the gift of miracles it does not mean we can work miracles anytime we want to.

The Holy Spirit controls this gift. We need to expand the limits of what we think God can do. He can do anything!

Proven Ministry

Genesis Sickness and aging came into the world with the sin of Adam and Eve. A sick person is not necessarily sick because of sin in his life, but because of sin in the world. Isaiah speaks prophetically of the beating that Jesus took for our healing. Jesus purchased our salvation at the cross and our healing at the whipping post. God promised to heal us Exodus Jesus' ministry was full of healings Acts