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  1. Fearless : Ich bin dein Freund. Ich bin dein Verräter.
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 28 August — 22 March was a German novelist, dramatist, poet, humanist, scientist, philosopher, and for ten years chief minister of state at Weimar. Full text in German. Main article: Goethe's Faust. Disputed [ edit ] If we treat people as they are, we make them worse.

If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming. As quoted in My Country Vol. I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.

In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. Widely attributed to Goethe, but also claimed to be a distortion of a passage by Haim Ginott.

She swims quickly up with her sisters. Alberich Hielt' ich dich immer! Woglinde und Wellgunde sind nahe herab getaucht. Woglinde, Wellgunde lachend Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sie taucht mit den Schwestern schnell auf. Alberich in a wailing voice Woe's me! The third one, so dear, doth she too betray? Ye shameless, shifting, worthless and infamous wantons! Feed ye on falsehood, treacherous watery brood?

Rhine Daughters Wallala! Shame on thee, imp! Hear the words that we sing thee! Say wherefore, faint-heart, didst thou not hold the maiden thou dost love? True are we, free from all guile, to him who holds us fast. Gaily to work, and grasp without fear; in the floods not fleet is our flight: Wallala! They swim apart, hither and thither, now deeper, now higher, to incite Alberich to chase them. Alberich mit kreischender Stimme Wehe!

Die dritte, so traut, betrog sie mich auch? Greife nur zu, und grause dich nicht, in der Fluth entflieh'n wir nicht leicht: Wallala! Alberich Through all my frame what passionate fire now burns and glows! Rage and longing, fierce and mighty, lash me to madness! Though ye may laugh and lie, yearning masters my heart, and one to me now shall yield her! He begins the chase with desperate exertions. With terrible agility he climbs the rocks, springs from one to the other, and tries to catch first one then another of the maidens, who always elude him with mocking laughter.

He staggers and falls into the abyss, then clambers hastily aloft again to renew the chase. They let themselves sink a little. He almost reaches them, falls back again, and again tries to catch them. Foaming with rage, he pauses breathless and stretches his clenched fist up toward the maidens. Alberich Could I but capture one! He remains in speechless rage gazing upward, when suddenly he is attracted and chained by the following spectacle. Through the water from above breaks a con- tinuously brightening glow, which, on a high point of the middle rock, kindles to a blinding, brightly shining gleam; a magical light streams from this through the water.

Sie neigen sich etwas herab. Alberich Fing' eine diese Faust! Woglinde Look, sisters! The wakener laughs to the deep. Wellgunde Through the waters green the radiant sleeper he greets. Flosshilde He kisses her eyelids, so to unclose them. Wellgunde Look, she smiles in the shining light. Woglinde Through the floods afar flows her glittering ray! Rhine Daughters together swimming around the rock Heia jaheia!

Wallala la la la leia jahei! Rhine-gold, Rhine-gold! Radiant joy, thou laughest in glorious light! Glistening beams thy splendor shoots forth o'er the waves! Heia jahei! Waken friend! Games will we play so gladly with thee: flasheth the foam, flameth the flood, as, floating around, with dancing and singing, we joyously dive to thy bed! Wallala la la la heia jahei! With ever-increasing mirth the maidens swim around the rock. All the water gleams with golden light. Woglinde Lugt, Schwestern! Die Weckerin lacht in den Grund.

Leuchtende Lust, wie lach'st du so hell und hehr! Wache, Freund! Die ganze Fluth flimmert in hellem Goldglanze. Alberich whose eyes, strongly attracted by the gleam, are fixed on the gold What is't, ye sleek ones, that there doth gleam and glow? Rhine Daughters Where hast thou, churl, ever dwelt, of the Rhine-gold ne'er to have heard?

Wellgunde Knows not the elf of the gold's bright eye, then, that wakes and sleeps in turn?

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Woglinde Of the wondrous star in watery deeps, whose glory lightens the waves? Rhine Daughters See how blithely we glide in its radiance! Wallala la la leia lalai! Wallala la la leia jahei! Woglinde Von der Wassertiefe wonnigem Stern, der hehr die Wogen durchhellt? Willst du Banger in ihm dich baden, so schwimm' und schwelge mit uns! Alberich For your water games is the gold alone good? Then nought would it boot me! Woglinde The golden charm wouldst thou not flout, knewest thou all of its wonders.

Wellgunde The world's wealth would be won by the man who, out of the Rhine-gold, fashioned the ring which measureless might would bestow. Flosshilde Our father said it, and bade us ever guard with wisdom the shining hoard, that no false one should craftily steal it: then peace, ye chattering brood! Wellgunde Most prudent sister, why chidest thou so? Well knowest thou, only by one the golden charm may be wrought? Woglinde He who the sway of love forswears, he who delight of love forbears, alone the magic can master that forces the gold to a ring.

Wellgunde Secure then are we and free from care, for all that liveth loveth; none from love's fetters would free him. Woglinde And least of all he, the languishing dwarf with love-desire wasting away. Alberich Eurem Taucherspiele nur taugte das Gold? Wellgunde Wohl sicher sind wir und sorgenfrei, denn was nur lebt, will lieben, meiden will keiner die Minne. Flosshilde I fear him not, whom here we have found: in his passion's blaze nearly I burned. Wellgunde A sulfur brand in the water's surge, in lover's frenzy hissing loud! Wallaleia la la!

Bodied - Official Feature Film - directed by Joseph Kahn and Produced by Eminem

Loveliest Niblung! In the golden shimmer how fair thou dost shine! O come, lovely one, laugh thou with us! Heia jaheia! They swim, laughing, to and fro in the light. Alberich, with his eyes fixed on the gold, has listened well to the sisters' hasty chatter. Alberich The world's wealth by thy spell might I win for mine own?

If love be denied me, my cunning shall win me delight? Raging he springs to the middle rock and clambers with terrible haste to its summit. The maidens separate screaming and swim upward on different sides. Lieblichster Albe! O komm', lieblicher, lache mit uns! Sie schwimmen lachend im Glanze auf und ab.

Alberich, die Augen starr auf das Gold gerichtet, hat dem Geplauder der Schwestern wohl gelauscht. Rhine Daughters Heia! Save yourselves! The elf is distraught; how the water swirls where'er he swims: for love has lost him his wits! With a last spring, Alberich reaches the summit.

Alberich Fear ye not yet? Then wanton in darkness, watery brood! He stretches his hand out toward the gold. My hand quenches your light, I wrest from the rock the gold, fashion the ring of revenge; for hear me ye floods: love henceforth be accursed! He tears the gold from the rock with terrible force and plunges with it hastily into the depth, where he quickly disappears. Thick darkness falls suddenly on the scene.

The maidens dive down after the robber. Flosshilde Seize on the spoiler! Wellgunde Rescue the gold! Rhine Daughters Help us! Help us! The water sinks down with them. From the lowest depth is heard Alberich's shrill, mocking laughter. The rocks disappear in thickest darkness, and the whole stage is from top to bottom filled with black water waves, which for some time seem to sink downward.

The waves have gradually changed into clouds, which little by little become lighter, and at length disperse into a fine mist. As the mist disappears upward in little clouds, an open space on a mountain height becomes visible in the twilight. At one side, on a flowery bank, lies Wotan with Fricka near him, both asleep. Rettet euch! Alberich gelangt mit einem letzten Satze zur Spitze. Alberich Bangt euch noch nicht? Er streckt die Hand nach dem Gold aus. Wellgunde Rettet das Gold!

Wotan und neben ihm Fricka, beide schlafend, liegen zur Seite auf blumigem Grunde. Scene Two An open space on a mountain height The dawning day lights up with growing bright- ness a castle with glittering pinnacles, which stands on the top of a cliff in the background. Between this cliff and the foreground, a deep valley through which the Rhine flows is supposed. Wotan and Fricka asleep. The castle has become quite visible. Fricka awakes: her gaze falls on the castle. Wotan und Fricka schlafend. Die Burg ist ganz sichtlich geworden. Fricka alarmed Wotan, give ear!

Wotan dreaming The sacred dwelling of joy is guarded by gate and door: Manhood's honor, might without bound, rise now to endless renown! Fricka shakes him Up from thy vision's blissful deceit! My husband, wake and bethink thee! Wotan awakes and raises himself a little. His eyes are at once fixed by the view of the castle. Wotan Achieved the eternal work! On mountain summit the gods' abode! As in dreams 'twas designed, as by will 'twas decreed, strong and fair stands it in sight: hallowed glorious pile!

Fricka What thee delighteth brings me but dread! Thou hast thy joy, my fear is for Freia! Heedless one, dost thou remember the truly promised reward? The work is finished and forfeit the pledge: forgettest thou what thou must pay? Fricka erschrocken Wotan, Gemahl! Wotan erwacht, und erhebt sich ein wenig; sein Blick wird sogleich vom Anblick der Burg gefesselt.

Wotan Vollendet das ewige Werk! Fricka Nur Wonne schafft dir, was mich erschreckt? Dich freut die Burg, mir bangt es um Freia! Achtloser, lass' dich erinnern des ausbedungenen Lohn's! Wotan I mind me well of the bargain they made who raised me the walls; by a bond bound were the rebels in thrall, that they this hallowed dwelling might build me; it stands now—thank the workers: for the wage fret not thyself. Fricka O laughing impious lightness!

Had I but known of thy pact, the trick I then had withstood; but ever ye men kept afar from the women, that, deaf to us and in peace, alone ye might deal with the giants: so without shame ye base ones abandoned Freia, my loveliest sister, pleased right well with your pact!

What to your hard hearts is holy and good, when ye men lust for might? Wotan quietly Was like greed to Fricka unknown, when she for the building did beg? Fricka O lachend frevelnder Leichtsinn! Wotan ruhig Gleiche Gier war Fricka wohl fremd, als selbst um den Bau sie mich bat? Fricka For my husband's truth aye in care with sorrow must I ponder, how to hold him beside me, lured by his fancy afar: halls fair and stately, joys of the homestead, surely should bind thee in peaceful repose.

But thou in this work hast dreamed of war and arms alone: glory and might ever to win thee, and ne'er-ending strife to enkindle, were builded the towering walls. Wotan smiling Wouldst thou, o wife, in the fortress then fix me, to me, the God, must be granted that, in the castle prisoned, yet from outside I must win me the world: ranging and changing love all who live; forgo that game, then, I cannot!

Fricka Cold, unloving, pitiless heart! For the vain delights of power and sway, thou stakest in insolent scorn love and a woman's worth? Wotan When I for wife sought to win thee, an eye, as forfeit, placed I wooing in pledge: how vainly now dost thou chide! Women I worship e'en more than thou wouldst; and Freia, the fair one, will I not grant; in truth, such thought ne'er was mine.

Doch du bei dem Wohnbau sann'st auf Wehr und Wall allein: Herrschaft und Macht soll er dir mehren; nur rastloser'n Sturm zu erregen, erstand dir die ragende Burg. Fricka Liebeloser, leidigster Mann! Ehr' ich die Frauen doch mehr als dich freut; und Freia, die gute, geb' ich nicht auf; nie sann dies ernstlich mein Sinn. Fricka looking anxiously off the stage Then shelter her now: defenseless, in fear, hither she hastens for help.

Freia enters, as if in hasty flight. Freia Help me, sister! From yonder mountain threatened me Fasolt; he comes now hither to take me. Wotan Let him threat! Saw'st thou not Loge? Fricka That thou still on the trickster bestowest thy trust! Much wrong he ever has wrought, yet aye again he ensnares thee.

Wotan Where simple truth serves, alone I seek no helper. But, to force the spite of foes to serve me, guile and cunning alone, as Loge has learned them, can teach. He who this treaty designed gave promise Freia to ransom: on him I fix now my faith. Freia tritt wie in hastiger Flucht auf.

Freia Hilf mir, Schwester! Wotan Lass' ihn droh'n! Sah'st du nicht Loge? Viel Schlimmes schuf er uns schon, doch stets bestrickt er dich wieder. Wotan Wo freier Muth frommt, allein frag' ich nach Keinem. Fricka And he leaves thee alone! There stride the giants hither in haste: where lurks thy crafty ally? Freia Where linger then my brothers, when help they should bring me, now that Wotan abandons the weak! O help me, Donner! Hither, hither! Rescue Freia, my Froh!

Fricka The disgraceful band who betrayed thee, have all now hidden away! Fasolt and Fafner, both of gigantic stature, armed with strong clubs, enter. Fasolt Soft sleep closed thine eyes; the while we twain unslumb'ring built the walls. Mighty toil tired us not, heavy stones we heaped on high; lofty tower, gate and door guard and keep thy castle halls secure. Wotan Name, workers, your wage; what deems ye fitting guerdon? Fasolt The price was fixed, as fit it was deemed; is all so soon forgot? Freia, the fair one, Holda, the free one, the bargain holds, we bear her with us. Hieher, hieher!

Rette Freia, mein Froh! Freia, die Holde, Holda, die Freie, vertragen ist's, sie tragen wir heim. Wotan quickly Has then your bargain blinded your wits? Other guerdon ask: Freia may I not grant! For a moment Fasolt stands speechless with angry astonishment. Fasolt What say'st thou? Traitor art thou? What thy spear wards serves but for sport, all the runes of weighty bargains? Fafner My trusty brother, seest thou, fool, now his guile?

Fasolt Son of light, light of spirit!

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What thou art, art thou only by treaties; by bargains bound, bounded too is thy might: art wiser thou than wary are we, pledged are we freemen in peace to thee: cursed be all thy wisdom, peace be no more between us, if, no more open, honest and free, in bargains thou breakest thy faith! A foolish giant gives this rede: thou wise one, learn it from him! Wotan schnell Seid ihr bei Trost mit eurem Vertrag? Denkt auf andren Dank: Freia ist mir nicht feil! Fasolt Was sagst du? Sinn'st du Verrath? Verrath am Vertrag? Die dein Speer birgt, sind sie dir Spiel, des berathnen Bundes Runen?

Fafner Getreu'ster Bruder, merk'st du Tropf nun Betrug? Wotan How sly to take in earnest what but in sport we have spoken! The loveliest goddess, light and bright, what boots you dullards her grace? Fasolt Mock'st thou us? Ye who by beauty reign, hallowed radiant race, how vainly strive ye for towers of stone, place for court and hall woman's beauty in pledge!

We dullards plague ourselves, sweating with toil-hardened hands to win us a woman, who, winsome and sweet, should dwell aye among us: and the pact call'st thou a jest? Fafner Cease thy foolish chatter; no gain look we to win: Freia's charms help little, but much it boots from 'mongst the gods now to wrest her. Wir Plumpen plagen uns schwitzend mit schwieliger Hand, ein Weib zu gewinnen, das wonnig und mild bei uns Armen wohne: und verkehrt nenn'st du den Kauf?

Wotan to himself Loge lingers long! Fasolt Straight speak now thy word! Wotan Ask for other wage! Fasolt No other, Freia alone! Fafner Thou, there! Fafner and Fasolt press toward Freia. Froh and Donner enter in haste. Freia Help! Help from the hard ones! Froh clasping Freia in his arms To me, Freia!

Froh shields the fair one! Donner planting himself before the two giants Fasolt and Fafner, know ye the weight of my hammer's heavy blow? Fafner What means thy threat? Fasolt Why com'st thou here? Strife have we not sought, nought ask we now but our wage. Fasolt Schlicht gib nun Bescheid! Wotan Fordert andern Sold! Fasolt Kein andrer: Freia allein! Fafner Du da! Folge uns! Fafner und Fasolt dringen auf Freia. Froh und Donner kommen eilig. Freia Helft! Helft vor den Harten! Froh Freia in seine Arme fassend Zu mir, Freia! Fafner Was soll das Droh'n? Fasolt Was dring'st du her?

Kampf kies'ten wir nicht, verlangen nur unsern Lohn. Donner Full oft paid I, giants, your wage. Approach, and take your due, weighed with a generous hand. He swings his hammer. Wotan stretching out his spear between the disputants Hold, thou fierce one! Nought booteth force! All bonds the shaft of my spear doth shield: spare then thy hammer's haft! Freia Woe's me! Woe's me! Wotan forsakes me!

Fricka Is this thy resolve, merciless heart? Wotan turns away and sees Loge coming. Wotan There is Loge! Such is thy haste bargains to mend that were struck by thy evil counsel? Loge has come up out of the valley. Loge How? Belike 'twas the pact that ye with the giants did make? To hollow and height my whim drives me on; house and hearth delight me not. Donner and Froh are dreaming of household joys; if they would wed, a home e'en must they find.

A proud abode, a castle sure, thereto leaned Wotan's wish. House and hall, court and keep, the blessed abode now standeth firmly built. The lordly pile I proved myself, if all be firm, well have I tried; Fasolt and Fafner faithful I found: no stone stirs on its bed. Not idle was I like many here; who calls me laggard, he lies. Donner Schon oft zahlt ich Riesen den Zoll. Er schwingt den Hammer. Wotan seinen Speer zwischen den Streitenden ausstreckend Halt, du Wilder! Nichts durch Gewalt! Freia Wehe! Fricka Begreif' ich dich noch, grausamer Mann?

Wotan wendet sich ab und sieht Loge kommen. Wotan Endlich Loge! Eiltest du so, den du geschlossen, den schlimmen Handel zu schlichten? Loge ist im Hintergrunde aus dem Thale heraufgestiegen. Loge Wie? Wohl was mit den Riesen dort im Rahte du dang'st? Wotan Craftily wouldst thou escape? If thou betray me, truly I bid thee beware! Of all the gods, as thy only friend, I took thee up, 'mid the troop who trusted thee not. Now speak and counsel well. When as the builders did crave from us Freia as guerdon, thou know' st, I only yielded my word when, on thy faith, thou didst promise to ransom the hallowed pledge?

Loge With greatest pains thereon to ponder, how we might free her, that promise I gave. But there to prosper where nought will fit and nought will serve could e'er such promise be given? Nun red' und rathe klug! Fricka to Wotan See what traitorous knave thou didst trust! Froh Loge art thou, but liar I call thee!

Donner Accursed flame, I will quench thy glow! Loge Their disgrace to cover, fools now revile me! Donner threatens to strike Loge. Wotan steps between them In quiet leave now my friend!

Fearless : Ich bin dein Freund. Ich bin dein Verräter.

Ye know not Loge's craft: richer count I his counsel's worth, when 'tis haltingly paid. Fafner Halt no longer! Promptly pay! Fasolt Long waiteth our wage! Wotan turns sharply to Loge. Wotan urgently Now hear, crabbed one! Say truly, where hast thou strayed? Fricka zu Wotan Sieh, welch' trugvollem Schelm du getraut! Donner holt auf Loge aus. Wotan wendet sich hart zu Loge. Wo schweiftest du hin und her? Loge Thankless was ever Loge's toil! In care but for thee, looked I around, and restlessly searched to the ends of the world: to find a ransom for Freia, fit for the giants and fair.

In vain sought I, and see now full well: in the world's wide ring nought is so rich that a man will take it as price for woman's worth and delight! All show astonishment and perplexity. Where life ever is moving, in water, earth and air, much sought I, asking of all men, where force doth but stir, and life hath beginning: what among men more mighty seems, than woman's worth and delight?

April 16, 2014

But where life ever is moving, still scorned alone was my questioning craft: in water, earth and air, none will forgo the joy of love. Varied excitement. But one I looked on, who love's delights forswore, for ruddy gold renouncing all woman's grace. Alle gerathen in Erstaunen und verschiedenartige Betroffenheit.

Das Rheingold libretto (English/German) - opera by Richard Wagner

Gemischte Bewegung. Nur einen sah' ich, der sagte der Liebe ab: um rothes Gold entrieth er des Weibes Gunst. Des Rheines klare Kinder klagten mir ihre Noth: the Nibelung, Night-alberich, seeking in vain grace from the swimmers to win; the Rhine-gold the robber then stole in revenge: he deems it now the holiest good, greater than woman's grace. For the glittering dross, so reft from the deep, resounded the maidens' wailing: to thee, Wotan, turning their prayers, that thy vengeance fall on the Niblung, with growing warmth the gold they pray thee now to give them to shine in the water forever.

This to tell thee I promised the maidens: and now has Loge kept faith. Wotan Foolish art thou, if not e'en knavish! Myself seest thou in need: what help for others have I? Fasolt who has listened attentively, to Fafner The gold I begrudge the Niblung; much ill he ever has wrought us, but slyly still the dwarf has slipped away from our hands. Fafner Still the Niblung broods on new ill if gold but grant him power. Listen, Loge! Du da, Loge! Loge A toy 'tis in the waters sleeping, serving for children's delight; but if to a rounded ring it be fashioned, measureless might it grants, and wins the world for its lord.

Wotan thoughtfully Rumors came to me of the Rhine-gold: runes of booty hide in its ruddy glow; might and wealth unmeasured a ring would gain. Fricka softly to Loge Serves as well the golden trinket's glittering dross to deck forth a woman's grace? Loge Her husband's faith were fixed by the wife who ever bore the glist'ning charm that busy dwarves are forging toiling in thrall to the ring.

Fricka caressingly to Wotan O, might but my husband win him the gold? Wotan appearing more and more under the influence of a spell Methinks it were wise now sway o'er the ring to ensure me. But say, Loge, what is the art by which the trinket is shaped? Loge A rune of magic makes the gold a ring; no one knows it; but he can use the spell who blessed love forswears.

Wotan turns away in ill-humor. That likes thee not; too late, too, cam'st thou. Alberich did not delay. Fearless the might of the spell he won; harsh and rightly wrought was the ring! Donner to Wotan Slaves should we be all to the dwarf, were not the ring from him wrested. Wotan The ring I must win me! Froh Lightly now without curse of love were it won. Loge harshly Right well, without art, as in children's play! Wotan Then counsel, how? Doch wie, Loge, lernt' ich die Kunst? Wotan wendet sich unmuthig ab. Zaglos gewann er des Zaubers Macht: grell gerathen ist ihm der Ring! Froh Leicht erringt ohne Liebesfluch er sich jetzt.

Loge grell Spottleicht, ohne Kunst, wie im Kinderspiel! Wotan So rathe, wie? Loge By theft! What a thief stole, steal thou from the thief: couldst better gain aught for thine own? But with weapons dire fighteth Alberich; deep and shrewd must be thy working, if the thief thou wouldst o'er-reach, so that thou may st render the ruddy dross, the gold with warmth once more to the maidens, for therefor pray they to thee.

Wotan The river maidens? What boots me that rede? Fricka Of the watery brood let nought be spoken; to my distress, many a man they lured to their watery lair.

Wotan stands silently struggling with himself. The other gods fix their eyes on him in mute suspense. Meanwhile Fafner has been conferring aside with Fasolt. Fafner to Fasolt Trust me, more than Freia boots the glittering gold: eternal youth would be won if the golden charm were our own. Fafner and Fasolt approach Wotan again. Loge Durch Raub! Was ein Dieb stahl, das stiehl'st du dem Dieb; ward leichter ein Eigen erlangt?

Was taugt mir der Rath? Fafner tritt mit Fasolt wieder an Wotan heran. Fafner Hear, Wotan, our word as we wait! Free with you leave we Freia; guerdon less great shall content us: for us rude giants enough were Nibelheim's ruddy gold. Wotan Are ye distraught? What is not mine own, how can I, ye shameless ones, grant you? Fafner Hard labor built yonder walls: light were't for thy cunning and force what our spite e'er failed to achieve: to fetter the Niblung fast.

Wotan quickening For you shall I deal with the Niblung? Insolent and greedy, ye dullards, are ye made by my debt! Fasolt suddenly seizes Freia and draws her with Fafner to the side. Fasolt To us, maid! We claim thee now! As pledge stay thou with us till thy ransom be paid! Freia screaming Woe's me! Wotan Seid ihr bei Sinn?

April 15, 2014

Was nicht ich besitze, soll ich euch Schamlosen schenken? Fafner Schwer baute dort sich die Burg: leicht wird dir's mit list'ger Gewalt was im Neidspiel nie uns gelang: den Niblungen fest zu fah'n. Fasolt Hieher, Maid! In uns're Macht! Freia schreiend Wehe! Fafner Far from here let her be borne! Till evening, heed me well! Fasolt At end is her shrift then, Freia is forfeit: forever dwell she with us! Freia screaming Sister, Brothers! Save me! Freia is borne away by the hastily retreating giants. Froh Up, to her aid! Donner Perish then, all things! They look at Wotan enquiringly.

Freia in the distance Save me! Loge looking after the giants Over stock and stone they stride down to the vale: through the water heavily wade now the giants. Sad at heart hangs Freia, so roughly borne on their shoulders! Bis Abend, achtet's wohl! Freia schreiend Schwester! Freia wird von den hastig enteilenden Riesen fortgetragen. Froh Auf, ihnen nach! Donner Breche denn alles! Sie blicken Wotan fragend an. Freia aus der Ferne Rettet! Now they tramp up through the vale.

First at Riesenheim's bound their rest will they take. He turns to the gods. How darkly Wotan doth brood? Alack, what aileth the gods? A pale mist fills the stage, gradually growing denser. In it the gods' appearance becomes in creas- ingly wan and aged. All stand in dismay and expec- tation looking at Wotan, who fixes his eyes on the ground in thought. Mists, do ye trick me? Mocks me a dream? Dismayed and wan ye wither so soon! From your cheeks the bloom dies out; and quenched is the light of your eyes!

Courage, Froh! From thy hand, Donner, escapeth the hammer! What grief hath Fricka? Is she in sorrow for Wotan, gloomy and grey, who seems already grown old? Fricka Woe's me! What has befall'n? Donner My hand doth sink! Froh My heart stands still! Durch das Thal talpen sie schon. Wohl an Riesenheims Mark erst halten sie Rast. Was sinnt nun Wotan so wild? Euch erlischt der Wangen Licht; der Blick eures Auges verblitzt! Frisch, mein Froh! Deiner Hand, Donner, entsinkt ja der Hammer! Was ist's mit Fricka? Fricka Wehe! Was ist gescheh'n? Donner Mir sinkt die Hand! Froh Mir stockt das Herz!

Loge I see now! Of Freia's fruit not yet have ye eaten today. The golden apples that grow in her garden, have made you all doughty and young, ate ye them day by day. The garden's keeper in pledge now is granted; on the branches droops and dies the fruit, decayed soon it will fall. It irks me little; for meanly ever Freia to me stinted the sweet-tasting fruit: but half as godlike am I, ye great ones, as you! Lacking the apples, old and grey, worn and weary, withered, the scoff of the world, dies out the godly race.

Fricka anxiously Wotan, my lord! See how thy laughing lightness has brought us all disgrace and shame! Wotan starting up with a sudden resolve Up, Loge! To Nibelheim go we together: for I will win me the gold. Loge Jetzt fand' ich's! Von Freias Frucht genosset ihr heute noch nicht.

Fricka bang Wotan, Gemahl! Sieh, wie dein Leichtsinn lachend uns allen Schimpf und Schmach erschuf! Nach Nibelheim fahren wir nieder: gewinnen will ich das Gold. Loge The Rhine daughters called upon thee: ah, may they then hope for a hearing? Wotan violently Peace, thou babbler, Freia, the fair one, Freia needs must be ransomed!

Loge At thy command, swiftly we go: down the steeps shall we make way through the Rhine? Wotan Not through the Rhine! Loge Then swing we ourselves through the sulfur-cleft: down yonder slip in with me! He goes first and disappears at the side in a cleft, from which, immediately afterward, a sulfurous vapor arises. Wotan Ye others wait till evening here: the golden ransom, to win back our youth will I gain! He descends after Loge into the cleft. The sulfurous vapor issuing therefrom spreads over the whole stage and quickly fills it with thick clouds.

Those remaining on it are soon hidden. Wotan Nicht durch den Rhein! Loge So schwingen wir uns durch die Schwefelkluft. Donner Fare thee well, Wotan! Froh Good luck! Good luck! Fricka O soon return to thy sorrowing wife! The vapor thickens to a quite black cloud, which rises from below upward; this then changes to a dark, rocky chasm, which continues to rise so that the theater seems to be gradually sinking into the earth.

A ruddy glow shines from various places in the distance, increasing clamor, as from smithing, is heard on all sides. The clang of the anvils dies away. A subterranean chasm appears, which fills the whole scene and seems to open into narrow clefts on all sides. Donner Fahre wohl, Wotan! Fricka O kehre bald zur bangenden Frau!

Scene Three Nibelheim Alberich drags the shrieking Mime from a side cleft. Prettily pinched, now shalt thou be, if in a trice, thou forgest me not the work as I did command. Mime howling Ohe! Let me alone! Forged it is, as thou did'st bid, with moil and toil all is now done: take but thy shrilly nails from my ear! Alberich Why waitest thou then, and shew'st it not? Mime I only faltered lest aught were failing.

Alberich What then was not finished? Mime embarrassed Here Tapfer gezwickt, sollst du mir sein, schaffst du nicht fertig, wie ich's bestellt, zur Stund' das feine Geschmeid! Mime heulend Ohe! Lass' mich nur los! Mime verlegen Hier Alberich What here and there? Give me the thing! He tries to catch his ear again. Mime, in his terror, lets fall a piece of metal work which he held con- vulsively in his hand. Alberich picks it up quickly and examines it carefully. See, thou rogue! All has been forged as I gave my command, finished and fit.

Ah, would then the dolt cunningly trick me? Known art thou, foolish thief? He places the Tarnhelm on his head. The helm fitteth the head: now will the spell also speed? Nowhere seen! Seest thou me, brother? Mime looks about him in astonishment Where art thou? I see thee not. Alberich invisible Then feel me instead, thou lazy rogue! Take that for thy thievish thought!